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Why Losing Your Virginity Is Overrated

Why Losing Your Virginity Is Overrated

Why Losing Your Virginity Is Overrated

Questioning when the right time to lose your virginity is? Maybe you’re in your first serious relationship that’s been going on for a while or you’ve met a local hottie on a night out who you have massive amounts of sexual chemistry with but there’s that one daunting question of ‘is it the right time?’ or ‘is it the right person?’

Fear not, this article might shed some light on why losing your virginity is overrated and why it’s not worth having this constant worry that losing your V card is scary and something you could hugely regret.

Why Is It Seen As A Huge Deal?

The question is why is this experience that your peers or the media and society make out to be such a huge deal? Yes, for some religions waiting to find the right person to marry before carrying out any intimate acts is what they are expected to do but that’s only a certain percentage of the population.

For the rest of us we grow up with this image in our minds that the first time is going to be adorable with sparks flying in pure passion but in reality it could just turn into a bloody nightmare.

Literal? Yes, that’s one of the not-so-cute aftermaths when you lose your virginity. Don’t worry though, if you bleed this is just due to areas of the vagina being stretched (the hymen to be exact) but this does not happen to everybody and it is completely normal.

The Reality

So, you’re still hoping for one of the most special and romantic nights of your life but your partner has just gone and put that towel underneath you in case of any of those spillages and then you realise you didn’t think through the painful side of it…

Although some people are very lucky in this department and do not experience any discomfort it is a common thing to feel a lot of uncomfortable pressure and if the person you’re sharing this time with hasn’t pre-heated the oven (if you know what I mean) because it too is their first time or to be blunt, is plain selfish then unfortunately, the pain could be a lot worse.

So, so far we have blood leaking out whilst in a lot of pain and a partner who isn’t helping? Is this living up to your expectations? Didn’t think so. Hopefully this is not putting you off sex altogether because once you get past all the awkwardness of losing your virginity it really is a beautiful and intimate experience that you will want to have again and again.

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Experience Is Key

Anyway, back to the important night of popping that cherry… I’m sure you’ve thought carefully on who you wanted to lose it to and if it is also their first time they too will be inexperienced and not living up to their full potential. Even if it isn’t their first time but it is yours, you haven’t learnt what it is that makes your body ache in pleasure so your partner too won’t know what get’s you going so they could be licking or even flicking all the wrong places.

Once you overcome losing your virginity and you’re fully comfortable with that partner or even another partner it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a much better experience because you can tell them or even show them what you want and vice versa.

It Gets Better With Time

These situations might not happen to everyone, you might have a pain-less, blood-less nice time but who really wants just a nice time? Your first time will never be as good as the hundreds or even thousands of times you have it after because you’ll know what to expect and be a lot more confident.

So, if this hasn’t changed your way of thinking when it comes to losing your virginity then not much will. It’s not worth stressing over all the little things for this one time because you feel pressured to. You will experience many more times that’ll make up for it, take my word for it.

Do you feel like losing your virginity is overrated? Or did you have a pleasant experience and think the first time should be seen as a big deal? Let us know in the comments!

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