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Why is Billie Eilish The Pop Star Of Our Generation?

Why is Billie Eilish The Pop Star Of Our Generation?

Who Billie Eilish is and what makes her an anomaly in the fabricated industry of pop stars is a question everyone is asking.

Billie Eilish showed up, and single-handily saved pop music. Who Billie Eilish is and what makes her an anomaly in the fabricated industry of pop stars is a question everyone is asking. To make it simple for you, for once her authenticity is real, and she seems to embody the escape route for teenage angst. 

Who Is Billie Eilish?

The fact that Billie is only 17 blows everyone’s mind each time. So stating the obvious, for a 17-year-old, Billie is mature beyond belief. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Billie is anything but a product from the LA people factory. 

She put out her first single ‘Ocean Eyes’ in 2016 when she was only 14. Writing an emotional love song like this one at such an early age endorses her emotional intelligence. 


‘don’t smile at me’ was her first EP tackling subjects like fake friendships and such translating the thoughts of anxious teenagers. Her full-length album ‘WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?’ offers more of her gothic-pop sound with hip-hop elements. After releasing this masterpiece, Billie Eilish became the most streamed artist. 

Generation Z

Billie is a crowned queen of the Generation Z, the genderless, the most connected, socially aware, and socially responsible generation. Generation Z is too smart and does not believe everything they see. 

Therefore Billie Eilish is their angel sent from heaven to speak the truth. Whether it is a love song, heartbreaking ballad or her wishful thinking for the boy that broke her heart to be gay, Billie says what we are all scared to say. 


Generation Z is not happy. People are more aware of their emotions and want to banish the stigma around mental health. Billie’s music has hidden, or not-so-hidden references to anxiety and depression. 

Having a person and especially a public figure with a massive following talking about anxiety left no other choice for all teenagers but to worship Billie Eilish and rightfully so. 

Parents of all these teenagers can be relieved Billie is their crowned superhero, as she is teaching them very important lessons. In this era, drugs and alcohol abuse are prevalent issues among the younger generations. Whereas Billie publicly announces in her ‘xanny’ song, she does not need Xanax to be happy.


She will teach your kids how to be true to yourself and how not to hang out with fake friends anymore. 

Teenage Angst & Escapism

More and more people are anxious, depressed, confused and looking for an escape. The honesty and rawness of Billie’s music came at the right time for all these lost souls as an escape mechanism. 

Being a teenager is confusing. You bottle up anger that has escalated over the years due to people like Trump and decisions made like Brexit. People are angry at what is happening, at the inequality, mistreatment, and lack of acceptance. This angst needs to be released somewhere, and they chose Billie as a way to do it.

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Having someone in the spotlight, this young singing about sadness, instead of fake high school romances and other fabricated themes by the industry representatives, teenagers channel their emotions through Billie Eilish who is brave enough to destigmatize mental health. 

She is a product of the Internet and rare talent that returned teenagers their hope in pop music. Nowadays, with access to the online world, people choose who will make it. Let’s be grateful we chose Billie instead of all these drugged up rappers with face tattoos. 


Not Curated 

Each year we see a new pop star that will rule the charts hand picked by the old white men sitting in their offices. But Billie is different. It is that easy. She does not look fabricated like other female pop stars. She seems real. She is natural. 

The fact that all her music is written and produced by her and her older brother Finneas makes the music real and honest. In this Instagram reality we live in, we developed the ability to distinguish what is real and what is fake. What we are sure about is Billie’s angelic voice saving pop music as we speak. 

Skeptic teenagers would rather pay for a ticket for someone who is relatable and sings about what they are ashamed to admit than for a person who is constantly told how to behave and stay in the line. Billie is out of the line with everything she is doing. And that is a good thing. 


Would you agree Billie Eilish is this generation’s pop star? Answer in the comments. 

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