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Why Hayley Williams’ Mental Health Story Is Something We All Should Hear

Why Hayley Williams’ Mental Health Story Is Something We All Should Hear

Hayley Williams has had a battle with mental health like so many other people do. Here is her story on her mental health and why you should hear it.

Lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams has done so much already with her life. She is the leader of a rock band, has five albums to her name. Yet, despite all this, she has had some major mountains to climb. She recently divorced her newlywed husband Chad Gilbert, she had to suffer fallouts with several members of her band and suffered a lot of issues with her mental health.

For a long time, it was hard for her to get on with her life. But here she is. After all the issues she had to face, she has been reunited with former band member Zac Farro and written her fifth album with Paramore. Earlier this year, Hayley wrote an article about her mental health to Paper. This is some of the things she wrote about how she was feeling during this time.

“Imagine a little girl, dancing and twirling on a sidewalk in a loud, colorful dress. Eyes closed, laughing. 100 feet above her, someone’s pushing a piano (just go with me, here) out of their apartment window and it’s got nowhere to go but straight down. Well, I was the little girl.”


“I woke up from that crash with one less bandmate… another fight about money and who wrote what songs. And I had a wedding ring on, despite breaking off the engagement only months before. A lot happened within a short time. But then I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t laugh… for a long time. I’m still hesitant to call it depression. Mostly out of fear people will put it in a headline, as if depression is unique and interesting and deserves a click.”

Writing her fifth album helped with this. Calling the album “After Laughter” showed that this was a turning point in Hayley’s life. She says that’s she feeling a lot better and now one of her best friends is back in his rightful place. Although she wasn’t suicidal, she felt empty and numb during this time, and over time, when she able to write how she felt, she got better.

Although it took some time, she got through it. A celebrity. This amazing voice and person, despite all odds wrote another amazing album for her fans to hear, one that projects how she was feeling during those dark days. Not does this show how strong this woman is, but how even celebrities go through this too. Here are some things she’s taught me and what everyone could learn from Hayley Williams.


1. If you don’t want to smile, you don’t have to

I always hated it when people told me to smile. I always find it dishonest to look happy when I am not feeling it. During Fake Happy, she references to it, saying if she doesn’t want to smile, she isn’t going to. Knowing that some else felt the same way made me feel better about this.

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2. Its okay not to feel okay

We all get this way. If celebrities like Hayley feels this way, then everyone can feels these issues too. Also, if Hayley was able to get out of it, then it shows that anyone else can too.


3. If you’re not, get it out

In her essay, Hayley write that getting the emotions out helped her get better. Whether it be writing, artwork or just screaming in to a pillow, if it gets it out without harming either yourself or others, then do it.

Hayley Williams and the music she makes with Paramore has not only inspired me, but millions of people across the world. Their music has always been relatable and helped to expressed feelings that were different to express. Despite changing their sound, their brilliant song writing skills are still relatable to people all over the world. If you haven’t already, listen to their new album, After Laughter, and if you’re having a bad day, know that you aren’t the only one. It will get better!

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