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Why Everyone Should Be Watching Love Island RN

Why Everyone Should Be Watching Love Island RN

Love Island is the hit of the summer and if you’re not already watching it, you should be! It’s a British dating reality show, where contestants live in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Mallorca. To survive in the villa the Islanders must be coupled up with another Islander, whether it be for love, friendship or money, as the overall winning couple receives £50,000. 

The show has so many great aspects. It’s funny, tense and sometimes even tear jerking and you one hundred percent need to be watching but if you need more persuasion this is why everyone should be watching Love Island right now. 

1. The drama

With any reality TV show, there is drama but Love Island takes it to a whole other level. Dumpings. Recouplings. Challenges. It’s off the charts. The search for love is always dramatic but when you throw in another handful of sexy singles and trials it becomes a real performance. Get ready for fights, flirtations, and friendship.


2. New crushes

Whether you like girls or boys there is bound to be a contestant that will catch your eye. Good looking girls and guys come and go throughout the series and they are always incredible looking. And the best thing about it? You get to see them every night and gain a huge insight into their personal life. Boundaries? Nah.

3. Keep up with the latest fashion

Contestants are young and gorgeous which means they have impeccable taste. The girls especially wear some stunning outfits, so you’re definitely going to gain some fashion inspiration. What makes it even better is they normally shop from UK stores and online retailers, meaning you can buy the pieces for yourselves! There are many Instagram accounts and articles that find the clothing for you, so you don’t have to spend your time searching. Amazing!


4. Learn flirting tips

Gain real experience and behind the scenes looks into the world of dating. If you’re a nervous flirter or dater, or just looking to brush up on your game then you’re bound to learn something from Love Island. I’ve honestly been shocked at the talent.

5. The hilarious narration

Iain Stirling’s narration of the show makes it. The voiceover comedian is quick with scathing and observant comments about the contestants. He’s so terribly funny and the puns he makes all series long honestly never get old.


6. A good escape 

There is so much going on the in the world at the moment from Brexit to global warming and whatever it is you have happening in your personal life and sometimes you just need a little escape and watching Love Island could be just that. Get caught up in someone else’s drama for once rather than your own. 

7. New vocabulary 

“Cracking on”, “Bev”, “Grafting”, “Muggy” and many many more. The show is a walking dictionary for millennials.

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8. Anthropological interest

If you’re one of those people who boycotts the show because you think you’re too smart or too good for it (btw you’re actually really lame and no one likes you), then maybe watch it anthropologically. Study people, dating and gender roles. 

9. Share it with your friends 

Gather round together at 9pm to watch or text throughout and catch up the next day. There’s nothing better than gossiping and speculating with your friends about the show. Ultimate bonding activity.


10. Understand what everyone is talking about on social media

The memes are endless and with it being all anyone ever speaks about on social media it would be nice to understand what on earth they are saying and talking about.

We can’t deny it. Love Island is our favourite thing about summer and we don’t know what to do with ourselves when it ends. We hope you watch too.


What is your fave thing about the show? We’d love to hear.

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