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Why Dropping Out of University Or College Is Ok

Why Dropping Out of University Or College Is Ok

Why Dropping Out of University Or College Is Ok

It’s a scary prospect that you might think on the face of it seems like a major embarrassment, something to be ashamed about as it’s taken to be a damning sign of failure, but actually, dropping out of university or college is more common than you think.

Here’s our breakdown on why dropping out of university or college, if you’re perhaps thinking of doing so or just simply curious, is actually OK and shouldn’t be feared as the end-all-be-all of where you’re at in your life.

You’re Not The Only One

Drop out rates aren’t very well-acknowledged as its widely perceived, especially in the media, as a negative trend that taints the glorious image that the concept of university typically radiates.

However, thousands of students drop out of college or university every year, and it’s not just because they’ve failed. The majority drop out for other reasons because it wasn’t what they thought it was or because they simply feel it’s not the right place for them.

Therefore, you shouldn’t just see dropping out of university as a rare and damning phenomenon for those who have failed, but instead, as a genuine option that many choose to take that might also be the best option for you.

Why Dropping Out of University Or College Is Ok

The Course Might Not Be Right For You

No one can know for sure exactly what a certain course is going to be like until you’ve started studying it and experienced it first hand. It might not be what you thought it was, or you realise you’re not as passionate about the subject as you thought you were.

There’s always a chance you can change course, but in any case, dropping out of university is totally fine if you want to pursue something else, whether its a different type of course at a college, another subject at another university, or going into work and leaving further education altogether.

You Might Not Be Ready.. Or Higher Education Just Might Not Be For You

If you feel a bit out of place at university, a bit out of your depth or overwhelmed by the independence and responsibilities, it might be the case that you’re just not quite being ready yet, or that you find higher education itself just isn’t for you.

In either case, it’s perfectly OK to drop out. University isn’t for everyone, and it’s much harder making the transition to University than is widely perceived, so you wouldn’t be letting yourself or anyone else down by dropping out and re-evaluating.

Why Dropping Out of University Or College Is Ok

You Can Still Go To Another University

Universities accept applications even from applicants who attended other universities. Although it would be wise to think carefully about your next subject choice and do thorough research.

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The Place Just Might Not Be For You

You might be struggling being far from home and feel too far adrift, or you might not be enjoying living in the town or city your university is based, or you might be struggling to make friends and realise the whole place just isn’t for you.

Whilst it’s important to stick it out at first and do everything possible to try and settle yourself in if you’re still struggling and still feel unhappy, then its perfectly OK to drop out and start over.

You might find another university and another town will suit you far better, or moving back home and staying nearer home makes you happier, whatever it is you decide to do thereafter.

So again, dropping out of university might be just what you need and could prove to be the best decision you ever made under certain circumstances.

Why Dropping Out of University Or College Is Ok

Are you considering dropping out of college? Let us know your thoughts below!

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