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Why Dating Yourself Is Life-Changing

Why Dating Yourself Is Life-Changing

Dating yourself can be a life-changing experience! Here are all of the reasons why you need to consider loving yourself, too!

In a world full of love, and where being single is completely underrated, going through this process I like to call “dating yourself” may seem hard. But it is not. It is quite pleasant and it changes your life forever.

First of all, you have to let go of judgement.

People may be questioning you all the time because being young (or old, it does not matter) and not dating anyone –but yourself- is not seen as something good but rather as if something is wrong with you. But it is not. In fact, everybody should date themselves at least once in their lives. Because it allows you to be free, to love yourself, to be independent and to grow as someone so much better. It is NECESSARY that you date YOU, especially before committing into a relationship if you want it to work as something healthy and worthy.

When you date yourself, you must treat you as you would treat your partner if you were in a relationship.

What does this mean? It means you must love yourself. Dating yourself is about self-love. You must take care of yourself, love you even with your flaws, accept you and respect you. Be patient and enjoy the time you spend alone doing what you love the most to do. And make it worth it by learning new stuff or by doing something you always wanted to but never did. It is YOUR time and it is YOUR life. You should be living your best life. There is no time to waste and no reason to be sad or broken. You have everything you need – and more. Use it and make it priceless.


You may go through some lonely nights – that’s perfectly normal.

We all have those. But that will help you to grow as well. Because you are gaining insight of yourself. You are knowing your deep-rooted feelings, emotions and thoughts. You are digging and exploring, discovering a whole new world within you. Isn’t that exciting? You are being MORE. More of what you always thought and believed.

Now you know yourself, your worst and best traits, know how to manage your time, your emotions and how to enhance communication with people.

Now you are better. You trust in yourself – because you spent the right amount of time LOVING YOURSELF. And that’s the first and most important step to become better and to change your life for good. When you love yourself, nothing else matters. You shall not care about people’s ugly judgments and worthless opinions or relationships will not affect you anymore. Because you know what QUALITY TIME looks like – and you will NOT settle for anything less than that.


Dating yourself is getting ready for dating the world.

Loving yourself is knowing your worth, proving it and not accepting less. Knowing yourself is building a new whole better person within you – one who is ready for everything that appears in his/her path. You have grown especially on the inside. You feel different. How? Ready to turn life in your favour. No more fears, self-doubt and co-dependency. Now the game is yours. You became what you always wanted to become and you did it only by yourself (and for yourself).

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Dating yourself is the greatest revolution. Be gentle, be loving, be caring, be the best YOU with your soul. And the rest will come.


Don’t sit to wait. Start dating someone now. That someone is you. Put yourself first – even if it’s just for once.

Dating yourself is the change that the brave ones make. Be brave, be bold. Go for it, take a risk! LOVE YOURSELF. DATE YOU.

Have you tried to date yourself? Tell us about it in the comments!
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