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Why Being Single Isn’t Such A Bad Idea

Why Being Single Isn’t Such A Bad Idea

Being single is amazing. You have no commitments and can focus on yourself. If you stay single you can have 'you' time. Here's why being single is great!

‘Single’  a word used more now than ever before. Some may cringe at it whilst others rejoice the word to its very core. We are are all human and we are all different, with our needs so why is being single nowadays such a taboo subject? More and more women (and men) are becoming more independent and deciding that being single is actually great, so here are some of the simple reason why is you’re like me and always on the fence of relationships.

1. Rejoicing your independence.

You love your freedom and independence so being single allows you to play this out. Explore your fantasies and be a little crazy for yourself. Being independent for some may be not having to worry about another or no having to put the effort in, in order to make another happy. There are various reasons but being single is great to exceed and reap the benefits of your independence.


2. No sharing.

Whether its food or money, we can all feel a little greedy and selfish sometimes. Maybe you just aren’t much of a sharer as you’ve always had this responsibility or you possibly just don’t want to, thats your choice. Don’t feel guilty though because that just part of your personality and for some no sharing is a complete bonus.


3. Self realisation and loving yourself.

If you can’t love yourself how are you expected to love another? Even the emotion of love itself is a tough one for some so why not experience it for yourself before you learn to love another. As for self realisation, its all about c0ming to terms with who you are, even though you spend every moment of when you are born toll you die with yourself you may learn to appreciate yourself in order to feel the same way about another.


4. It just feels right to stay single.

If you’re honest with yourself its more a fact that you feel comfortable and that being single isn’t a choice but instead a way that is more natural to one. People trust their gut instincts so why should this be any different when it comes to a decision or feeling.

5. There’s no interest.

Why engage in something if you went interested? Juts seems a bit illogical and a waste of your time and every other party involved. You wouldn’t take up a hobby you were awful at and didn’t have a wee interest so why waste time in a relationship, it would just never end well.


6. You’re actually happy.

The way the world is these days and with social media or technology in general we see others in relationships. They all become a bit too much and overly full on so when it comes to yourself you’ve had your fill and you’re happy without the hassle. The happiness you have whether its short lived or not comes for you and you alone so why would a relationship be the only thing to make you happy? Its much easier to close that article bout the latest Hollywood split and get on your life than to have this issue yourself.

7. Time for yourself.

Time is precious and life is short so why spend it with another the you can spend it yourself, entertain your ways. Every spare moment you spend with yourself is another minute well spent. Whether you want to plan your future or enhance your career, time could never have been more important.

8. You’re ambitious.

Whether its planning a holiday and seeing the world or planning your future home, you have more ambition for one person so why spread it and use all your energy on another. When relationship free you’re able to think differently and think outside the box. It drives you to do better for you and at  the end of the day you can only thank yourself for where you end up in life.

9. You just aren’t ready.

Just because you’re single now doesn’t mean you will be forever. it can just be a simple case that you just aren’t ready for that type of commitment yet. Maybe in time you change your mind, maybe you won’t but as long as you continue to live for yourself then time will change and so will you.

10. You haven’t met anyone worth your time.

A relationship takes work, time and effort, something you may or may not have. However for some it can be a case of wanting something too much that it doesn’t happen. You meet people and give your time but there isn’t a connection or spark that you were hoping for so why settle. Advice would have it that if you do want a relationship then keep looking and allow nature to take its course, as to settle for something is to be in content. Additionally stop putting so much pressure on yourself, socially already does. that very well so dont add to this yourself.

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Whether its a simple reason or a feeling within, being single isn’t all bad and if you think about it the possibilities are endless.
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