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Why Befriending International Students Is Awesome

Why Befriending International Students Is Awesome

International students make up for a significant and important part of undergrads. So regardless of your classes or dorm house, you should befriend them!

International students make up for a significant and important part of college undergrads. So regardless of your classes or dorm house it’s only a matter of time you’re going to crossing paths with a student keen on learning the ways of your country.

Nevertheless, introducing yourself to someone who may not share your first language can be a bit daunting – especially if you’re not quite the social butterfly. So for some added encouragement, these are the top reasons to why befriending a international student may be the best decision you make in college!

Real Insight

What better way is there to gain insight into another country and its ways than through someone who lives there? For one, an international student can verify you on any interesting facts you may have already heard about. Sure, a quick Google might help, but hearing the details through the live account of another can put a whole new exciting spin and perspective on things. Hearing the specifics on a country might even make you want to take a trip yourself. You would be debriefed on the “must-knows” you would need to gather before making that voyage. Better still, book that trip on the date your friend returns back home and let him give you a personal tour!



So you might not be the most social person- showing an international student out just might be the incentive you need to leave that lonesome dorm room and live up college some more. It’s a win for you and for your new friend who might be feeling a bit confronted socialising. Just picture it- you’re in a place very different to home, you’re not completely accustomed to their culture, and maybe you can only speak the local language at a very basic level at best. By going out you can both get an experience of college life. Your friend could even prove to be a great ice breaker and conversation starter between yourselves and other curious (but friendly) partygoers. More friends and great times for everyone!

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Assignment Aid

Sometimes thinking of a topic for an assignment can be difficult. It can also cost you essential marks if you show little to no knowledge in what you’re trying to exclaim in your work. Nevertheless, this is where having an international student to talk to can to be handy. A topic daring to explore it into international issues in your assignment can demonstrate a high-level understanding to your teacher. You can talk them about your topic in regards to their home nation. This obviously depends on the subject or the assignment requirements, but you may be surprised once giving it some consideration. For example, in a subject like Journalism, you can write a report on international news. For Economics, you can write a point comparing international banks or budgets.


The Food!

How can we forget, right? Living away from mums home cooking means you can always build on that college cookbook; and if you’re in luck, you might befriend an international student with a few home recipes of their own. Not only will you be introduced to the flavours of a distant culture, it’ll be introduced to authentic, in-house cuisine you would probably wouldn’t even find in any nearby restaurant. Once you master a dish or two you can then throw a dorm dinner party that could make your partnership to be the talk of the campus.

Have you had any international students for friends? Can you name any more awesome reasons why it makes for an extra special friendship? Share it in the comments below!

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