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Why Asia Should Be The Next Place You Travel To

Why Asia Should Be The Next Place You Travel To

There are so many places to go to in the world. The choices are endless. People are selective in choosing where to go. From a place in Europe to America and Asia. But, Asia can be a place that can pose serious hesitations to some individuals. It is a place where you can be in a completely different cultural experience in comparison to your home life. That is why Asia is a scary place for some individuals. Regardless of this hesitation, Asia needs to be on your bucket list. It should be the next place you travel to and here are four reasons why!

1. The Food

The food in Asia is better than any other place in the world. When people say their favourite food, many people say Asian cuisine. Vietnamese food, Japanese food, Chinese food. From having pho to sushi and sashimi to Pad Thai, dumplings or Mi Goreng. The food from Asia is 1000% better than what you can get from western countries (such as America or Australia). The food is authentic. Not only will you get to have your favourite food, but you also get to experience the atmosphere associated with the cuisine. From the seating to the tables and service.


2. The Weather

In Asia, you can either encounter the wet seasons or the dry season. Dependent on what time you choose to go to Asia, the weather can be a significant drawcard. In the wet season, you can experience days full of constant rain. But, if you go in the dry season you are guaranteed to have some warm and humid weather. Perfect weather to experience an Asian country.

3. The Scenery

Tired of seeing the same scenes every day? The same houses, the same architecture, the same nature. The scenery in Asia is dramatically different from other countries, America, Australia and Europe. You get to bear witness to the many beautiful scenic spots in Asia. From the magnificent temples to heritage buildings, pristine beaches, blue waters or the snowy mountains. Asia is the perfect place for the photography lover.


4. The Culture

One of the major drawcards for going to Asia is culture. The unique cultural experience of each country. For culture lovers, Asia is the place to go. Each Asian country poses a different cultural experience. You can bear witness to the manners of each country. From the politeness of Japanese people to the ability of Chinese people to watch videos and walk around the city at the same time. Even maybe the first time using chopsticks!

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5. The Experiences

Asia is a place full of experiences. Dependent on what holiday you desire, Asia is a place where you can fulfill your dreams and bucket list experiences. From a relaxing holiday on the beach in the warm weather to an exhilarating adventure skiing in the snow. You can even have both! Don’t forget about the shopping experience you can have! Buy some designer clothes you might not get at home, or clothes unique to an Asian country.


There are too many countries in Asia to go to every place in one tripe. You can spend years traveling to every Asian country. From Japan to Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Fiji or Indonesia. You are guaranteed to have an experience of a lifetime in each country.

Let us know whether you’ve been to Asia before in the comments below! Do you have a favourite Asian country?

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