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Why 69 Is The Best Sex Position Ever

Why 69 Is The Best Sex Position Ever

69 is a sex position that can feel amazing for both of you. Here's all the perks that go with it - and remember to keep experimenting!

I first heard of the sex position called 69 when I was in high school, and I have to admit it left me confused. I mean, how does it work? What do you put there? Does it feel weird being so exposed to someone?

There is so much potential for awkwardness and shyness.

For those of you who don’t know what 69 is, to put it bluntly, is the sex position when your mouth and your partner’s mouth match to each other’s genitals. Maybe it does not sound amazing at first, but once you try it, you will see that there is so much more to it than that.


69 is known to be the classic mutual pleasure oral position, and so when I was older, I decided to try it. I hated it. What was all the fuss about? Other sex positions were easier and way less awkward. It felt weird and kind of awkward being on top of my partner and feel his eyes so close to my lower parts.

A tip I would give is: try this sex position only once you are confident enough with your body and your partner. Remember that by focusing on how it feels to be touched in certain ways, you will also better understand what turns you and your partner on, which can lead to better sex.

Listening to your partner during sex is important, especially if you are both giving and receiving oral sex at the same time. No matter how good your partner is or how much pleasure you are feeling, pay attention and react to your partners movements, instead of just focusing on what feels good for you.


Shower before trying 69.

It’s a sex position when your private parts will be on his face and mouth so you do not want to spoil this experience because you are worried about cleanliness.

Once I was confident enough to do 69 again with my partner, it was a completely different experience and it became my new favourite position. One of the best things about 69 is the fact you can choose your position: top, bottom or on the side. Usually, the woman is on top so she can control the movements, speed and pressure of the oral sex.

69 is not just about oral sex. Here is how to do 69 and actually make it sexy (instead of awkward).


Get Handsy.

If you want to take a break, do it, and use your hands instead. There is plenty more body to explore as you are going down on your partner. This sex position gives us the possibility to give pleasure and received pleasure at the same time, do not hold back! To make things even more intense use lube, this will make things much more enjoyable for both on you.

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Use a vibrator.

Giving oral sex in this position can be awkward, which is why you can keep a small vibrator next to your partner. Using a vibrator to stimulate yourself or your partner can make the whole experience of 69 more intense. Keep a small vibrator (G-spot vibrator) next to your partner and suggest he can use it in an addition to the tongue action. Whatever works for you!


Everyone is happy.

I call 69 the new rainbow sex position because it works for any sexuality or gender identity, and everyone can enjoy it.

Remember that it is you and your partner having sex, or even if it is just casual, the whole point is to have fun (and if you are lucky an orgasm). Do not think you need to be a pro to do 69, just keep it relaxed and sensual.


How was your first time doing 69? Comment below your experience!

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