Who Your Celebrity BFF Should Be Based On Your Zodiac

Ever wondered who you would be your celebrity BFF? Well, wonder no more as this helpful guide will tell you who you would be strutting own the red carpet with based on your zodiac!

1. Capricorn- Michelle Obama

You lucky things will have the former first lady as your celebrity BFF! Like your sign, Michelle and you will be slaying the world side by side with your ambitious nature. Your perseverance and practicality mean that when you set your mind to something, you get it done! Never one to sit down and let life happen, you two will be running things exactly as you want and nothing will stop you.

2. Aquarius- Oprah Winfrey

You and Oprah are easygoing by nature and you love to help people. You two would no doubt be saving the world together, arm-in-arm. Fighting for what you believe in and helping any cause you can. You’re both independent and will never compromise on your beliefs or morals. You seek justice and liberty for all. Go get it!

3. Scorpio- Scarlett Johansson

You two are both passionate and intense. When it comes to your emotions you are very black and white. If you love someone, you love them with everything in you. If you hate someone… they better watch out! You’re also both very private people so we wouldn’t be expecting any Instagram updates of your adventures together. You’re charismatic and charming; we have no doubt the two of you would get exactly what you wanted when you hang out together. It could be dangerous to those around you!

4. Sagittarius- Taylor Swift

You are both curious adventurers at heart. Together you can tour the world and rock out together! Like Taylor, you love to travel and meet new people. You’re always open to new experiences and opportunities. You’re very intelligent and not afraid to take a chance.

5. Taurus- Gal Gadot

You two are loving and compassionate in your ways and artistic. You’re both loyal to those around you; you don’t need to worry about her stabbing you in the back! You can be introverted, but together you’ll find your way. And you’re both fabulously girly!

6. Libra- Kim Kardashian

You two will be starting a business together in no time! You’re creative spirits who like to be in control. You’ll never have to worry about picking a place to eat! Strong and charming, you always bounce back from anything that knocks you down. You will both keep going until you have achieved all your goals! You could have your own contour kit in no time!

7. Leo- Jennifer Lopez

Like Jenny From the Block, you are independent, fierce and sassy! You and J-Lo are always the centre of attention wherever you go, so imagine having her as your celebrity BFF! The two of you would definitely be up for a more luxurious and extravagant night out. You’re not low key! You can both have a little bit of a temper on you though, so people better not do anything to annoy you!

8. Virgo- Blake Lively

So you and Blake are pretty much the perfect celebrity BFF’s! You’re both witty and draw people in with your natural charm. Both of you would have fun hitting the town together. You’re both strong-willed perfectionists so you’re plans together will go off without a hitch!

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9. Gemini- Angelina Jolie

Like your celebrity BFF, you’re outgoing, intelligent and can adapt to any situation. We all know Angie has a wild side to her, but she has always overcome whatever life has thrown at her. There’s no doubt both of you would have some crazy times together. You’re both super social creatures so you’ll always have something to gossip about!

10. Cancer- Ariana Grande

So you two wear your heart on your sleeves. You and Ariana both tend to rush in emotions first and there’s nothing wrong with that! You both give with your whole hearts and will give anything to help the ones you love. The two of you love to entertain and make people happy, but equally, also need a lot of love and attention back. You two would definitely be all about the selfies and always posting about how much you love each other.

11. Pisces- Sophie Turner

Much like the world Sophie Turner was living in on TV, both of you are imaginative dreamers. You’re both a little vulnerable because of this, but that just makes you even more lovable. You love the idea of illusion and magic and wish there was more of it in the world. You’ll both read a lot of books about spirituality together and ponder the world. Because you’re both so in touch with your emotions, you’ll probably end up being each other’s therapists as well as best friends. But hey! What’s a celebrity BFF for?

12. Aries- Celine Dion

Courageous, honest, passionate and determined are just some the traits you share with your celebrity BFF Celine. You’re both super organised and love getting everywhere on time. You also tend to make decisions with your head and you’re quite practical, so you’re time together will always be well thought out and well spent. You’re also good multi-taskers, so maybe puzzles or physical activities that require a lot of coordination would be good for your hangouts!

Who was your celebrity BFF? And if it wasn’t who you wanted, who would you pick? Leave a comment!

Feature Image Source: https://www.elitedaily.com/life/ideal-best-friend-zodiac/1320631
Jennifer Fraser

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