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Which Game Of Thrones Character Are You According To Your Zodiac

Which Game Of Thrones Character Are You According To Your Zodiac

Ever wanted to know what character from GOT you'd be? Well, now you can, with this list of Game Of Thrones characters according to your zodiac!

As HBO hit ‘Game Of Thrones’ wraps up it’s final season in its TV epic, its popularity is spiking once more (like Ned Stark’s head √† la season one). And since we all kinda want to swing a sword around and ride a sick-ass dragon, we’re here to tell you just what character you would be in Westeros.

To see if you’d survive the winter, see below for which ‘Game Of Thrones’ character you are (according to your zodiac, of course).

1. Aries, Arya Stark

Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, are impulsive and courageous. While they often might hurt others by jumping into action head-first, they are proactive and quite the little warriors.


Arya Stark is the headstrong, independent daughter of Ned Stark, who’s path has been one of enacting revenge despite the consequences (like being blinded for murdering Meryn Trant, of her infamous murder list). Classic Aries.

2. Taurus, Stannis Baratheon

Stubborn and unwilling to give-in, Taurus is a sign that plans things out before acting.

Stannis Baratheon is also unwilling to quit to get what he wants, no matter who he has to sacrifice to get there. While his stubbornness to do battle was ultimately his downfall, he proudly stuck to his code of honour and had a number of military successes before his defeat.


3. Gemini, Jaqen H’ghar/The Faceless Men

Because you’re two-faced, get it?

Nah, for real; Gemini’s are highly inquisitive and understand that the truth may be subjective depending on where you are standing. As such, they are many-layered and can appear many-faced, just like the Faceless Men. They also have the ability to adopt different understandings of the world (like…the Faceless Men).

4. Cancer, Theon Greyjoy

Love to hate him, or hate to love him, Theon embodies many Cancerous traits.


As a sign ruled by an ever-changing moon, Cancer signs are attuned to their emotions and feel everything deeply – highs, lows, and anything in-between.

Theon is one ‘Game Of Thrones’ character who has had power, and also been stripped down to bare-bones. Throughout, he has wrestled with his emotional turmoil in a way that other characters often don’t – and ultimately, he comes out a better person for it.

5. Leo, Cersei Lannister

Ironic that the Lannisters should be represented by a lion, huh?


Leo is a sign that is proud and self-orientated. As one ruled by the Sun (centre of the solar system), the world has to revolve around them. But they are also full of heart, and will give a lot to protect the ones that matter to them.

Cersei, for all her ambition and cunning, has always had that one, humanising soft-spot for her children. In a world where women rarely have power, or longevity, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

6. Virgo, Brienne Of Tarth

Virgo is purity and order when a world is in chaos – and Brienne certainly is that.


She has enough honour and morality to make-up for what the rest of the series lacks. She’s fearless and blunt too, which eliminates any chaotic excess and allows for a more organised functioning of her actions. Definitely not one to mess with.

7. Libra, Sansa Stark

Often stereotyped as the wishy-washy sign, Libras actually just prefer to weigh their options before making a decision.

Sansa’s journey was one partly of coincidence, before coming into her own in later seasons. Her early experiences have taught her patience and cunning, and allowed her to pull of calculated power-plays by people who underestimate her.


Her success is in her ability to think before she acts. Very Libra of her.

8. Scorpio, Oberyn Martell

Scorpios are an intense sign with a strong never-forgive, never-forget way of handling life.

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They are also signs strongly associated with sex and death, which is very much on par with Oberyn’s character arc. Oberyn is a passionate character with a strong desire for vengeance, and despite being apparently frivolous, he hides deeper emotions beneath this exterior.

9. Sagittarius, Jaime Lannister

These signs are supposed to jump ship at first sign of intensity – which might be right, if it weren’t so wrong. Rather, Sagittarius signs are simply more adventurous, and willing to push boundaries.

And Jaime Lannister certainly does push boundaries. He has been constantly challenged throughout the series, physically, mentally and morally, and refuses the boxes presented for a man of powerful social standing.


More than that, he’s rather blunt, and we all know that the Sag does not hold their tongue.

10. Capricorn, Melisandre

The ruthless social climber, the inner mystic – Capricorns are both ambitious and have the potential to be deeply spiritual.

Melisandre perfectly embodies this duality, as someone with unwavering faith to her Lord of Light who also pursues triumph (of fire over ice) despite the heavy cost of some victories.


11. Aquarius, Daenerys Targaryen

Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, no matter how cold or detached they might appear. This sign feels deeply – and deep down – and while they will rationalise their emotions, they can still be capable of fierce displays of affection. This is particularly true of Aquarian mothers.

Killer queen Dany has spent her time freeing slaves, mothering dragons, and cultivating a black-white view of the world. While this is often times her major fault, it is also her way of rationalising the many tough decisions she’s had to make over the years.

12. Pisces, Bran Stark

This sign the escapist of reality and determined to transcend their body. While they are often thought to be spaced-out and unhelpfully introspective, they often are serving a higher purpose.


Bran Stark, AKA The Three-Eyed Raven, is certainly all of these things. In addition, emotion can be tiring to them and they like their alone time. Both Bran and your Pisces-lookin’ ass love to keep to themselves for as long as they can, unless of course you need to dramatically reveal to an old enemy that you ain’t quite dead yet.

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