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Which Disney Movie Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you a self-empowered bad bitch who saves all of China? Are you locked in a tower, looking for an escape? Maybe you feel like dude trapped in a video game! Wonder no more! We know exactly which Disney movie you are, all according to your zodiac sign!

1. Aries, ‘Mulan, 1998’

Impulsive, likely to deviate from the plan, hiding an inner warrior! Sounds like the titular character of this Disney feature film!

Aries signs are ‘Mulan’ through and through.

2. Taurus, ‘Frozen, 2013’

Stubbornness is all over the dual protagonists of this new-era feature film. Elsa refuses to see her sister for the first half of the film, and Anna refused to give up on her!

And, in Taurus fashion, the ‘Frozen’ underwent a number of rewrites, and took two years before it was produced – a slow start, but ultimately a plan was seen through the completion.

3. Gemini, ‘Pocahontas, 1995’

Talk about walking the footsteps of a stranger. ‘Pocahontas’ is all about having empathy for others and seeing things from more than just your own viewpoint – and the Gemini zodiac is all over that.

4. Cancer, ‘The Lion King, 1994’

Cancer signs wallow in their emotions – good or bad – and Disney’s ‘Hamlet’ remake with an all-lion cast certainly exhibits that same angst.

Simba literally exiles himself out of shame in the first act! Is there anything more Cancer-ous?

5. Leo, ‘Beauty And The Beast, 2017’

Because this live-action remake really thought it was all that. Seriously! The hype for this Emma Watson-led remake was real, and was pivotal in cementing the reputation of live-action remakes as unnecessary but breathtaking!

Leo signs attract that same all-consuming attention, so be proud!

6. Virgo, ‘Cinderella, 1957’

Neat, tidy, and pure – ‘Cinderella’ just trumps ‘Snow White’ in these aspects because it happens to skip the sort-of-non-consensual kiss.

Not only that, but ‘Cinderella’ also has three sequels to boot that clean up the loose ends. And wrapped in a bow is the Virgo way, so this is definitely the movie for you!

7. Libra, ‘The Princess And The Frog, 2009’

Criminally underrated, with a reputation that is kinda good, and kinda bad. Considering Libra signs like to weigh up all sides before forming an opinion, this is the sort of movie for them!

While Tiana does spend most of the movie as a frog, she’s still the first black Disney Princess that the production studio gave us. Plus, the film shows just how true friends should act – and Libra signs are definitely the sort of people you want in your life!

8. Scorpio, ‘Maleficent, 2014’

Mysterious, dark, with an anti-hero, is the protagonist. Could this movie more perfectly radiate Scorpio-esque energy?

We’ll see if the sequel movie can top it!

See Also

9. Sagittarius, ‘Moana, 2016’

A film that ventured into the unknowns – literally and figuratively!

‘Moana’ perfectly captures that adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius zodiac, and pushed new boundaries with the first Polynesian princess!

10. Capricorn, ‘Hercules, 1997’

Hercules wants to become a god. Capricorns want to rule the world too – but they also have the capacity to be deeply spiritual.

‘Hercules’ is a blend of ambition and the mystical, making it the perfect Capricorn-ion movie!

11. Aquarius, ‘Lilo & Stitch, 2002’

It’s a movie about an alien without a capacity to love, and a sister desperately trying to earn the right to parent her younger sibling. Could it be any more Aquarian?

It embodies both the emotionless stereotypes of the Aquarian zodiac and displays their hidden capacity for love.

12. Pisces, ‘Alice In Wonderland, 1951’

Spacey, weird, and totally escapist. Alice literally falls down a rabbit hole into another world – and Pisces signs do that every day in their own head.

Definitely the movie for this sign!

Do you agree with your Disney movie? Tell us in the comments!

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Kaitlyn Loft

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