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Which Crazy Haircut Should You Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Crazy Haircut Should You Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Crazy Haircut Should You Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Bored and impulsive? Honey, you know what that means – snip, snip bitches! It’s time for a crazy haircut that might not be the coolest, but is going to get heads turning. Sometimes you just need a change, a break in that 9-to-5 rhythm. The easiest change anyone can make is a cool, new haircut. And if you’re going to swap things around, we’re gonna take it to the extreme with the ultimate haircut to for your zodiac sign!

Aries, The Buzzcut

First of the Zodiacs, the impulsive Aries gets the ultimate haircut for anyone ready to jump to action.

Most of us have had the impulse to just shave off all the hair on our heads, but Aries signs are the gutsiest of us all. If anyone is gonna be ballsy enough to pull this off, it’s you guys.


Taurus, The Bowlcut

Yep. Just wack a bowl on your head and cut around it for a nice, even line. Why? Because it’ll come out the same every time.

No need to get frustrated when you know what to expect – this haircut will sure circumvent any stubborn meltdowns that a Taurus sign might have if things don’t go how they planned it.

Gemini, The Cruella de Vil

Because, haha, Gemini signs are two-faced!


Also because you tend to offer variety and subjectivity in life – a thing might look like one thing or another entirely depending on where you happen to be standing.

Cancer, The Hayley Williams

Any bright and bold colours will take to this sign! As someone who feels the highs and lows, you deserve a haircut that can ride those waves with you.

This classic Williams haircut certainly is bold and evocative of some serious 2000’s nostalgia.


Leo, The Mohawk

The self-aggrandizing showoff deserves a show-up haircut. And what’s better than a cut and coloured mohawk?

Plus, it totally gives you that lion’s mane look, so long as you keep to the side profile.

Virgo, The Pixie Cut

It’s cute, dainty, and clean. And it’s also a little badass – ’cause we all know what happens if you mess with a Virgo’s flow.


This haircut totally embodies the Virgo’s spirit.

Libra, The Asymmetrical Cut

This is a sign about balance, of weighing the odds. But that doesn’t mean you deserve a uniform haircut.

An asymmetrical bob is a fun approach to the scales Libra signs weigh themselves on, and it also means that you don’t have to decide between long or short hair – just have both!

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Scorpio, The Mullet

No reason why, other than it’s kooky and weird and takes a lot of guts to pull off. And being weird and acting without obvious reason is really a very Scorpio thing to do, and it’s guaranteed to capture your chaotic energy!

Sagittarius, The Undercut

The adventurous Sag sign can really do anything – and they would, too. So why not an undercut? It’s cool and it’s bold, just like the Sagittarius sign.


This is a new do perfect for you.

Capricorn, Cropped Bangs

AKA TERF bangs – but we’re gonna head more in the direction of alt-girl. These are the bangs of every cool girl, the girl who aims to be noticed, but might also have a deeper side to her. This cut is perfect for Capricorns!

Aquarius, The Rat’s Tail

The ultimate no-nonsense haircut. Everyone knows you don’t mess around with a guy and his rat’s tail, just like you don’t ever want to mess with an Aquarius sign and what they’re protective of.


This haircut is totally perfect for the daring Aquarius!

Pisces, The Scene Kid

What better embodies the spiritualistic, introverted tendencies of the Pisces signs? This ultimate throwback will embody everything that a Pisces sign is, and bring up those repressed childhood memories you probably wanted to leave behind in middle school!

Will you be trying out your new cut? Comment below if you’re bold enough!

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