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Where To Travel On A Budget If You Can’t Afford Fancy Places

Where To Travel On A Budget If You Can’t Afford Fancy Places

If you're looking to travel on a budget, then these are the cheap travel destinations around the world for the ultimate vacation!

Summer holidays are quickly passing by. Some people have been travelling across the world the entire summer, from one continent to another. For others, the holidays have not started yet. Perhaps your finances are not allowing to book yourself a holiday in one of those dreamy beaches and cities that we constantly see people posting on social media. Especially now, that summer holiday destinations are extremely expensive. If you are still willing to treat yourself a bit and have a cheap but nice holiday, here is a useful list of places to travel on a budget when you can’t afford the expensive ones.

1. Vilnius, Lithuania

Eastern Europe offers the cheapest cities you could ever get for holidays. Vilnius, in Lithuania, is a beautiful city that will surely save you some cash. When considering what tourists normally spend money on for a holiday, Vilnius appears to be one of the most affordable cities you could visit if you a travelling on a budget and can’t afford to go to fancy places. An accommodation for 2 people, staying two nights would cost around £89.00 in a three-star hotel. Which is not bad, considering that is the price for two people. Transportation is also crazy cheap, costing as little as £1.27 for a return train ticket transfer from the airport to the city centre. Definitely, a place you should consider when you have to travel on a budget.

2.Riga, Latvia

Among the cheapest holiday destinations is another east European city, Riga. Latvia is generally a very cheap country and therefore perfect for a short but intense vacation. Two nights stay in a three-star hotel would cost around £30 per person and airport bus transfer to the city centre is just £2. How cheap is that? And just to make sure you also enjoy yourself whiles there, you will appreciate to know that a bottle of beer will only cost you £2.72, which is also the price you would have to pay for a cup of coffee.


3.Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has been identified as one of the largest cities among the European Union and it has got many beautiful scenarios that are surely worth to see. It is also one of the most popular holiday destinations among the other Eastern European cities. In Budapest, a bottle of beer costs £1.53, whiles a three-course meal for two costs £44.08, with a bottle of wine included in this amazing price. Say no more. Budapest should definitely be on your list if you are planning your holidays and are tight on budget.

4.Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is another lovely and cheap holiday destination you need to check out if you are travelling on a budget. As a tourist in this beautiful city, you can get away with a weekend for two in a three-stars accommodation for just £99. You will be surprised about how holiday essentials such as coffee costs as little as £1.36. This is perfect place to travel on a budget because you will certainly need your daily dose of caffeine before the exploration of the city.

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5.Athens, Greece

Beach, Beach, Beach. You don’t have to say no to the beach just because you are on a budget. Athens has got lovely beaches and is a very affordable holiday destination, with stunning views and coasts where you could spend a relaxing time away from stress and responsibilities. A weekend away in Athens, for two people, would cost not more than £200, including bus or train transfer from the airport to city centre, a 48-hour travel card and two nights in a three-star weekend accommodation for two.

6.Palma, Majorca

Palma de Majorca offers breath-taking views and crystalline blue water that will prove to you that you won’t need to travel all the way to Cancun or Phuket to enjoy your holidays. 3 days on this beautiful island will only cost you £280, including your accommodation, transport from and to the airport and you could even treat yourself with a fancy meal at the restaurant with a nice bottle of wine.

These were the cheapest cities where you can travel on a budget. Let us know if you have ever visited any of these with a comment below!

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