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Where To Look For Graduate Jobs When You’re At A Total Loss

Where To Look For Graduate Jobs When You’re At A Total Loss

Take a look at these tips on where to look for graduate jobs!

Back in the good old days, you went to uni, were given a big fat grant, got a degree and were guaranteed a shiny new job at the end of it. Fast forward a few years and you struggle to get onto a course, take out a student loan to pay for the £9,000 a year fees and can’t get a foot on the career ladder where to look for graduate jobs.

Ok, so that’s a bleak picture we’re painting, but you get the idea. Nowadays it is really difficult for graduates to find jobs.

The main thing that you have to remember when looking for a graduate job is your degree does hold a lot value, especially compared to someone without a degree. But it’s very easy to get lost in the negativity surrounding graduate jobs and mistakenly believe that you’ve wasted the last few years studying for nothing. This is not the case. There are lots of graduate jobs out there, as well as lots of internships, and it’s just about standing out from the crowd and ensuring your CV makes it to the top of the pile. The key to this is transferable skills above and beyond your degree qualification where to look for graduate jobs. So here is where to look for graduate jobs when you’re at a total loss.

 where to look for graduate jobs

  1. LinkedIn

As soon as you leave uni you should create a LinkedIn account. Not only can you network on here and apply for jobs but you can see what other graduates are out there hunting. LinkedIn is great because head hunters and recruiters are actively looking for new employees on there; and they pay close attention to graduates for where to look for graduate jobs.

  1. Indeed

Indeed is a quick and easy way to apply for jobs because you upload one CV to the website and use that same CV for each job as they know you have applied on Indeed. Obviously this means not every job application Is tailored to what you are applying for, but companies know that. On the plus side you can apply for so many jobs and really put your name out there. Recruiters can even see your profile.

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  1. Total jobs

Total jobs has a section dedicated to graduates so all graduate jobs are in one place. Simply create an account and add a CV and get hunting.

  1. Your university

I don’t know about you but my university has a section on the student portal for job hunting. It is simple to use and allows you to narrow down searches for either internships, graduate schemes or work experience for where to look for graduate jobs.

  1. Prospects

Prospects focuses on graduate jobs. You can search graduate jobs, graduate schemes, internships and work experience opportunities from a huge range of graduate employers. As they are the experts in graduate recruitment they have already helped millions of graduates start their careers. Could you be next?

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  1. Speak to a recruiter

There are thousands of recruitment agencies all over the UK, and many of them specialise in graduate recruitment. These agencies are paid commission for filling a company’s vacancy, meaning they’re great to have on your side as they want to get you a job almost as much as you do! Speak to one so they can help you find a job and help you tweek your CV!

 where to look for graduate jobs


Finding your first job is a big step, but it is just a first step, so don’t let it get so big it overwhelms you. We like plans, and when it comes to your job search, you should too. A plan can help keep you motivated and moving forwards when you encounter setbacks.

With government figures showing graduate unemployment levels are now at their lowest in a decade, it seems the situation is slowly improving – but it’s not all rosey we know so try out these websites to find your grad job.

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Which of the tips on where to look for graduate jobs are you going to listen to? Let us know in the comments.

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