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Where To Go In Order To Have The Best Night Out In Stoke

Where To Go In Order To Have The Best Night Out In Stoke

If you're looking for a night out in stoke, then these are the top places to go that almost guarantee a good time! From clubs to bars, here's where to go in Stoke On Trent!

The great thing about a night out in Stoke is that there is a bar for everyone! No matter what kind of music you are into or how late you want to stay out, there is always something to do!

Boston Brothers

A great bar to start off your night. Boston provides modern R’N’B music and a chilled-out vibe, the perfect place to warm up for the night ahead. If you go on a Monday drinks are only a pound and the place is absolutely packed! Going on the weekend does bring the price up a bit but you can still get a great cocktail with eye-candy behind the bar to soften the blow.


If you are ready for a party but not quite the club, Walkabout is the place to be. With plenty of drink offers and a wide catalogue of party music this Australian themed bar is a great place to get hyped up, or even spend your entire night.



The club to be at in stoke! One big room, two large bars, and shot girl on rotation. Everyone I know has a great night in Chicago’s. the only downside this club has is that it closes at 2!


If you are in it for the long-haul Fiction is the club for you. Open until 4, it is a great way to finish your night or get a booth and settle in early for a great time. Drinks can be a little expensive but the vibe in this club will really keep you in the party mood all night long!


Modern not your mood? Head to Reflex for a club filled with retro bangers like B*Witched and MJ. Everyone loves a classic for a reason, it’s a fun club with good music, good people, and cheap drinks, what’s not to love?

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Typical clubs not your vibe? Sugarmill plays indie music all night long, with ridiculously cheap drinks and occasional live music it is the venue to be in if you like a night out without the repetitiveness of dance music. There is even a heavy metal room for those that fancy something they can headbang to.

Any combination of these venues makes for an excellent night out! Some of them are even worth staying the whole night, but if you want the true Stokie experience you need to visit them all at some point, even if only for half an hour.


Are you prepared for a night out in stoke? Let us know in the comment section below!

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