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Where To Get The Perfect Brew: Scottish West Coast Edition

Where To Get The Perfect Brew: Scottish West Coast Edition

Where To Get The Perfect Brew: Scottish West Coast Edition

One of life’s small luxuries that we can all enjoy every now and then is a good brew. Be it sweet and creamy or dark and strong, everyone has their ultimate perfect brew and if you live along the west coast of Scotland, then these are the places for you.

1. D’nisi Coffee Roasters, Stranraer

This makes the top of the list not only because it makes geographical sense but also because it is probably the best and my favourite place to grab a coffee in the entire West coast of Scotland. Family-owned, this small independent chain of Scottish coffee houses know exactly what they are doing and it won’t be long until they’re up there with the global coffee chains. Cosy, relaxed, welcoming and serving the best coffee on the West coast, D’nisi’s offers a new guest blend of coffee each week, promoting independent coffee chains while doing their own thing.

2. Kawiarnia Coffee House, Ayr

A student hot spot in Ayr, this cafe offers some seriously good coffee and an even better atmosphere! Have your coffee with flavours you’d never even considered before and why not have it with a plate of their legendary pancakes or waffles and that’s not even the best bit! Bring along your four-legged friend as Kawiarnia Coffee House loves their dog customers just as much as their human ones. Located in Newmarket Street, one of the cutest streets in Ayr, only a five minute walk away from the beach and dog-friendly, this is a brew that you can’t say no to.


3. Paris Match, Kilmarnock

The people of Kilmarnock have been gathering at Paris Match for generations, be it for some lunch or a few weekend drinks. By day a trendy cafe and by night an even trendier bar with strong chic Parisian vibes. Despite this, you will feel completely at home no matter where you are from with their lovely staff and a good brew in hand. If you’re not in town for long then don’t worry, you can also order to go or to collect through Just Eat or by giving them a call.

4. The Seaview Cafe & Bistro, Weymss Bay

A popular stop-off before by-passers board the ferry to Rothesay, The Seaview Cafe & Bistro offers sit in and take away, both in different sections so not to take away from the ambiance. A thriving licensed cafe by day and an even busier licensed bistro by night, this is one of the classier options on our list of best brews.

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5. Bluebird Cafe, Gourock

Only a few minutes walk from the beach as well or from Greenock’s famous Battery Park, Bluebird Cafe is also famous among both residents and tourists for their selection of sweets and ice-cold milkshakes. Just because their coffee can be overlooked sometimes does not mean that it isn’t just as good though, why not spend the day in the sunshine sitting outside or stay cozy indoors in this quaint little cafe.

6. @Lunch, Glasgow

The West end of Glasgow can get a bad rep sometimes, especially because of the posh students and their annoying Uni of Glasgow accents (sorry not sorry) but if you’re after some good food and even better coffee in the area then look no further than @Lunch on Great Western Road. After recently blowing up on Instagram for their quirky cakes and milkshakes, their coffee can often be overlooked but certainly isn’t to be missed. Be warned, you never go in for just a coffee and leave with just a coffee so we recommend that this is saved for a cheat day treat.

What did you think of our perfect brew: West coast of Scotland edition? Did we miss any of your favourite spots? Let us know in the comments!

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