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Here’s Where To Get The Best Eyelash Extensions In London

Here’s Where To Get The Best Eyelash Extensions In London

If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in London then these are the best beauty stores to find them! Longer lashes are the best lashes!

Who has the time or energy to apply fake lashes everyday, and sit applying layers of layers of mascara to make our lashes look somewhat russian like? Not us. We all know the effect having fluttery long lashes can have on not only our appearance but our confidence, right? Well here are the top 10 places to go in London for the best eyelash extensions!

Designer Lashes Of London

Janette Vince is the Queen of lashes. She can create the most fluttery thick lashes by LVL, soft Canadian mink, classic synthetic mink or the best of the best Russian lashes. Designer Lashes of London create natural and effective lashes that will sure get you notice out in London!

Lasherie London

Top Rated 2017 Laherie London is the experts when it comes to those beaut lashes we all desire. With experience and beauty qualifications under their belt they can provide anything you desire! From the more natural to dramatic, synthetic or Russian and curled lashes….


Essential Eyes

Essential eyes gives you beautiful semi-perminant lashes that have built up a reputable customer fan base and following through its incredible results and service! Offering cruelty-free mink for any effect you like; natural, drastic, curled, thick or long lashes. They also have their own line of lashes and glitter – they must be good aye!

Tee’ s Lash Lounge

Evident from their Insta page, they are real hit for their seductive eye lash extensions! The power of lashes will change everything, and Tee’s Lash Lounge are the ones to help…


Luxe Lash London

Bringing high-end looking luxury lashes, Luxe Lash London can help us get those cat-eye lashes our favourite Insta-girls have!

Tash’s Lashes

Insta famous Tash’s Lashes proves her skills when it comes to providing the best of the best lash extensions. She has six years of experience under her belt and you can sure tell… Tash’s Lashes sure knows how to help a girl out.

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Lash Lex London

Offering a range of classic sets, Hollywood lashes, LVL, volume or L-curls, Lash Lex London is your go-to-gal for those glamorous and ‘wow’ lashes!!

Lashed London

Ever see those close-up pics on Insta of those stunning Insta-models, and wonder, how on earth can you be so close and look incredible? The answer is good skin and even better lashes! Lashed London can help replicate those Insta-girl vibes. Who knows, you could be one too after some fairy sprinkles of Lashed London.


If you can fit in time to see Lashmelaurs you’re lucky! This girl is hard to come by and her business shows the reputation she has in London: incredible lash extensions. She is the fairy godmother to all our lash prayers… which is why they’re the best eyelash extensions in London!


London Lash Studio

A whole studio of lash creations… this is the place to visit for gloriously gorgeous lashes.

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