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Where To Buy The Cutest Back To School Stationary In London

Where To Buy The Cutest Back To School Stationary In London

If you're looking for the best place to buy back to school stationary in London, then you really need to check out this article for all the best spots!

Going back to school after a long summer break of lie ins, lounging, no responsibilities and hanging out all day long, can be your worst nightmare. I don’t want to push you into thinking about it too soon, but that day is not too far away and there is one thing about going back to school that can be the most enjoyable. That is… new stationary! Deep down I know that a little part of you gets excited to buy all new stationary for your new year at school, there is something about buying new stationary that makes everyone feel like they are about to have a more focused year and accomplish anything the new academic year brings. I am going to tell you where to buy the cutest back to school stationary in London.

Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger is the best place to go to find fun and adventurous stationary at a reasonable price. They have so many cute little stuff like mini highlighters, creative notebooks and folders that you will absolutely fall for. If you love cute designs and miniature objects then Flying Tiger should be top of your places to shop for stationary.



Although WHsmith can be slightly pricey, they definitely do have an amazing stationary section, especially when it comes to pens and pencils, from Sharpies to Fountain pens, WHsmith has such a wide variety of everything you need just in time for school. But one thing I will say is, make sure you are weary of how much you are spending as it does add up quite quickly. This is definitely one of the greatest places to buy back to school stationary.


Paperchase is another stationary shop that is very pricey, but we absolutely love. They have cute stationary essentials and matching items which you will die for. In particular they do really stylistic organisers and planners which may come in handy at school to keep you on track. This place is perfect for you if you love bold colours and stylistic patterns on your stationary.

Present and Correct

If you love cute unique pieces of stationary that your friend sitting next to you is most likely to not have, then you need to shop for your stationary at Present and Correct. They have a lot of non-generic and different styles of stationary items like their weird shaped scissors and traditional adding machine from the 1950s which your classmates are definetly not going to have.

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The Works

For super cheap stationary and banging deals, The Works is the place you need to go. They have so many different items that are essential for school and extremely reasonably priced for all to afford. They may not have the best choice in terms of style and creativity, but they do have the basic essential items that you need.


If all fails and you are, you can always pop into your nearest Sainsbury’s because they always have a huge selection of back to school essentials and the stationary designs are actually not that bad. They are guaranteed to have large folders, a million different pens and pencils to choose from and filling accessories. So on your next weekly shop, take a moment to check out their stationary collection. This is one of the best places to buy back to school stationary in London!


Ryman Stationary

Ryman Stationary is a cute shop where you can find all your essential items from pencil cases to note pads. They have all the necessary items you need to get through your school year. This shop has more practical items at a reasonable price as oppose to stylish or designer products that you may find in other stationary shops.

What’s your favorite place to buy back to school stationary in London? Let us know in the comments below!
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