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Where In Europe Can You Escape To On A Budget?

Where In Europe Can You Escape To On A Budget?

Where In Europe Can You Escape To On A Budget?

If you are like me and love to travel and see new and exciting places then this post is the post for you! Europe is so accessible and there are numerous amounts of different ways in which you can get around and do some amazing things without burning a huge hole in your pocket!  I will tell you where to go when you want to see Europe on a budget and how you can get there cheaply!


For me, Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world. It has an extensive and amazing history behind it and the people are some of the friendliest you will meet in the whole world! Obviously, with it being a tourist haven and a capital city, things can be pricey from time to time in certain places around the city but this does not mean you can’t enjoy travel and enjoy yourself there!

If you are going there to try the traditional ‘coffee shops’ and want to indulge in some of the weed that is sold legally there then make sure you try and find areas that aren’t always majorly centrally located and I guarantee the price for what you pay will drop at least 50 percent. And just try and go to places that the locals would visit for a better price. Eating can be generally cheap in Amsterdam but like I said, if you stick to the major tourist areas, then do expect to pay a lot for what you are getting.



Despite being renowned for being the most romantic city in the world,  it is also known as being one of the most expensive cities in the world. Paris, like Amsterdam, can be done very cheaply if you are happy not going to swanky restaurants every night and do not need to be swiping your credit card at every French fashion house you happen to stumble across! With Paris, if you stick to street food or fast food, or again, go to areas that the locals would and that are not based on catering to tourists and then you will definitely be able to have fun on a budget in this amazing city.

Another tip for Paris from myself would be to make sure you have an outline of an itinerary and attractions booked in advance online as doing that will ensure you save a lot more money than you would be buying the tickets in person on the day. The city can be definitely be seen and done cheaply!


One of the best cities in the whole entire world in my personal opinion. This capital city is one of the most unique, diverse and forward-thinking cities there is and it is definitely one that you need to see for yourself! This city’s amazing and in-depth history alongside its beautiful architecture, amazing and friendly citizens and it’s huge clubbing scene is enough to suck you in and is why Berlin made it to this list!

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Out of this list, Berlin is one of the cheapest to visit, with flights from the UK usually costing less than £50 for return tickets, and hotels and food being generally cheap. Like all major cities though, avoid eating and staying in tourist catered areas to save yourself some euros on your trip!


Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities that it has to offer. Scotland is home to some of the most scenic and magnificent Lochs and mountains and greenery. Its capital city, Edinburgh is truly an amazing place to visit. There is plenty to see and do such as the castle, museums and the amazing shopping. The history behind the city is very interesting to learn about and things to purchase (food, drink, etc.) tend to be a lot cheaper than other cities in the UK and Europe. The nightlight in this city is enough to want to visit as the Scots know how to party hard!


I hope this guide to cheap travel in Europe is helpful to you and you can save some money on your next trip! Where in Europe would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments below!

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