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What Your Cocktail Order Says About You

What Your Cocktail Order Says About You

Have you ever wondered what your cocktail order says about you? Here is a list of what some of the classic cocktails might say about you.

Cocktails are fun and most people have a trusted order that they always go for. I like to think that someone’s cocktail order can act as the perfect insight into their personality. Have you ever wondered what your cocktail order says about you?

Here is a list of what some of the classic cocktails might reveal about you.

Mojito – Cocktail Connoisseur or Absolute Amateur?

Mojito’s are my favourite. But I always lowkey feel bad when ordering it because I know they are really difficult to make.


But apparently, our favourite drink makes us adventurous, creative, impulsive and most likely to be well-written and fluent in at least one European language.

What Your Cocktail Order Says About You

Long Island Tea – A walking tutorial on how to get drunk as quickly as possible

If this is your standard order you might be a university student or an undercover alcoholic. The point is, you want to get drunk as fast as possible.


If you order this drink you are probably the life and sole of the party and incredibly fun to hang out with.

This drink has the power to get anyone a white-girl wasted and that is probably why you’ve ordered it.

Even though you’ve just ordered a drink with gin, rum, vodka and tequila, Long Island drinkers like to remind the bartenders to make their beverage extra strong.


What Your Cocktail Order Says About You

Old Fashioned – Not afraid to tell you they are a ‘gap yaar’ student

They might be a ‘gap yaar’ student and they will 100% try and tell you about the charity work they did whilst working at a school in Cambodia. It might come up naturally in the conversation, it might not, they really aren’t fussy.

This particular cocktail might actually be a sign on maturity because it indicates that you know a lot about alcohol (or you’re at the very least pretending to know a lot about alcohol and it is working!)


If this is your go-to drink you’re probably a very career-orientated young professional. Having said this, it is not the most original choice and people might think you’re boring.

Jagerbombs – The Carefree Student

You’re a student. You think you’re killing two birds with one stone by ordering an energy drink to keep you awake and alcohol to get you drunk.


Jagerbomb drinkers are very carefree and chill to be around. They usually just go with the flow and don’t really worry about anything too much.

They are simple people who have an endless amount of energy and will continue partying even after everyone else has gone to bed.


Sex on the beach – Carrie Bradshaw, is that you?

I mean you could replace this drink with a Cosmopolitan, Manhattan or a Dirty Martini, everyone is going to think you’re still salty about Sex and the City ending in 2004.

You’re probably on a bachelorette party and onlookers 100% think you and your friends are talking about a Mr Big equivalent.

Although, the Sex and the City comparisons might just be a misconception and you just like the taste of this drink and are willing to look past the (lowkey) jokes that will be made when you order it.


In all honesty, if you order this cocktail, you’ll probably get judged for it. But Sex on the Beach drinkers don’t really care what people think and just want to drink their pink drink in peace. You like what you like and you’re not going to apologise for it. We should all probably be taking notes from you.

What Your Cocktail Order Says About You

There are so many more cocktails, but I hope you enjoyed my list of what some of the classics say about you! Let me know in the comments below if you can think of any more cocktails!

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