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What You Need In Your One Night Stand Bag

What You Need In Your One Night Stand Bag

A one night stand bag is something that's completely essential if you're planning on having a fast hook-up. Here's what you need in it!

Whether you’re new to having one night stands or just want to up your efficiency and self care game- here’s all you need in your one night stand bag.


The most obvious, the most important AND the most easily forgotten about. Don’t expect your sex partner(s) to have them, don’t play games with yourself and say if you don’t take condoms out you won’t make some regrettable choices like sleeping with an ex and most importantly don’t have one night stands without them, even if you’re on birth control, you need to make sure you’re protected from STI’s! Put them in your bag, make sure they’re safe and not getting damaged and keep them in there.


There is really no sexual situation that can’t be improved by adding a little, or a lot of lube. Spare yourself potential discomfort and let yourself have even more fun and throw a travel sized lube in there.

Emergency cash

In any situation it’s always important to have a safe escape plan if you decide you don’t want to be there anymore. Make sure you’ve got enough to get a taxi home, and a bit extra just in case.

Phone Charger

Don’t assume they have the same phone charger as you or that theirs will be in working order! Take your own to make sure you can stay in contact with people who know where you are or so you can call an taxi/friend to get you home.


If you end up staying over but can’t nod off in the tangle of limbs it’s always best to at least have your music/friends snap stories to keep you company.


Self explanatory for either before or after to help you feel a bit more clean after locking lips.

Hair Tie

Sex hair is real and relentless- whether it’s to sleep in or the journey home take a hair tie(and a back up) to tame your locks without having to take the time to work through them with a brush.

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Clothes/flat shoes

If you’re staying the night it will always serve you well to have some roll up flats and a long t-shirt dress that can fold up real small in your bag if night time you and day time you’s styles are a bit conflicting.


You don’t need to pull out a full meal, but it’s always helpful to have a cereal bar or something on you to help with any pre or post lightheadedness or sometimes you just need to replenish after some activity!

Makeup wipes

Even if you don’t use them until you’re in the taxi back on the morning after there’s nothing that makes you feel worse than old makeup build up and nothing that instantly makes you feel better than getting it off.


Whatever the makeup basics are that make you feel a little more put together. You absolutely don’t NEED make up to feel put together or confident, but for a lot of us it can give us the little kick we need, your partner will likely not even notice or care but it can make you feel a thousand times more confident in yourself, if that’s what works for you.

So, there’s your one night stand bag. All that’s left is for you to go out, find someone hot and put your one night stand bag to good use.
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