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What To Wear When You Go Backpacking

What To Wear When You Go Backpacking

It's hard to decide what to bring on your travels if you're backpacking! Here are the top items that you should pack for your next adventure!

Backpacking is a great way to travel without experiencing the hassles of dragging a heavy suitcase behind you. However, it also means that you will have to be incredibly picky about the outfits you choose to take with you on your trip! You simply will not have the room to squeeze all of your favourite clothes into your bag. So, if you need some advice on what to wear when you go backpacking, this is the article for you!

1. Tees

When you’re backpacking, you should pack a couple of simple tees with you. Try to choose colours that will match with anything, like black or white. You should keep in mind that you won’t really have the opportunity to mix and match your outfits every day, so make sure that you pack something you know you won’t tire of easily!

What To Wear When You Go Backpacking

2. Jeans

Bring a pair of jeans. These are great for pairing with your tees and are super comfortable, too. I would avoid distressed jeans to prevent feeling cold. However, if you have space in your backpack, you might want to bring a couple of pairs with you!

3. Undergarments

Pack as many pairs of socks and underwear as you possibly can. When you’re travelling, you’ll be on your feet a lot, constantly on-the-go. By the end of your trip, you might even be a little scant for money. This means that your ability to visit coin laundries is limited. These washing machines also have a habit of NOT treating your delicates with care, so pack as many undergarments as you can to make sure that you stay hygienic during your travels!

What To Wear When You Go Backpacking

4. Flip-Flops

You might not know it, but this one is actually very important. If you’re staying in hostels like most backpackers, you will need a pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower. You don’t want to know what happens in those showers, and we are never really certain of how well they are maintained. So, the safest and cleanest way to go about them is to wear flip-flops whenever you decide to shower!

5. Bathers

Pack one pair of bathers just in case. This way, if your travelling buddies ever want to go to the beach or to a heated spa, you won’t have to run around feeling stressed about where to buy one from!

6. Boots

Wearing a sturdy pair of boots will make walking everywhere so much easier. This is such an important item of clothing to bring on your travels, especially if you are visiting different cities during the wet season. Boots will make sure that your feet don’t get sore and are invaluable for all backpackers.

What To Wear When You Go Backpacking

7. Sneakers

When you go backpacking, you might want to pack a second pair of shoes. This will give you that little extra comfort and support that some walking boots don’t provide. It’ll also give you another style for you to show-off when you walk around the streets of new and exciting cities!

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8. Skirts/Shorts

If you’re heading off to a slightly warmer location, it might be a good idea to bring some summer outfits. Be sparing, but delve into your stores of skirts, dresses and shorts to make sure that you don’t feel hot and sweaty all of the time. However, if you’re travelling during the winter, try to pair your skirts with tights. This might take up space, though, so you’ll have some decisions to make!

What To Wear When You Go Backpacking

9. Blouse

A lot of backpackers love to have fun in different cities! Remember to bring a nice shirt or blouse for nights out. This way, you won’t feel underdressed, and you’ll always have an outfit that you can wear out on special occasions.

10. Thermals

Finally, and again more related to colder cities, you should absolutely purchase some thermals. These will keep you warm and are invisible under your clothes. They are super practical and will really help you out when you’re backpacking! You might even want to pair your thermals with some gloves. Believe us, it is difficult to feel motivated and adventurous when your entire body is freezing!

What To Wear When You Go Backpacking

What did you wear when you went backpacking? Tell us in the comments below!

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