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What to Really Eat On Cinco De Mayo: 5 Traditional And Yummy Recipes

What to Really Eat On Cinco De Mayo: 5 Traditional And Yummy Recipes


It’s fiesta time! We all love Cinco De Mayo, a day to celebrate the beautiful Mexican culture which includes, good music some fresh margaritas and delicious food. Not many people know this but Cinco De Mayo commemorates the victory of Mexico defeating France in the battle that took place in Puebla, on May 5th, 1892.

Now going back to the celebration day… This day is the perfect excuse to get together with friends and share the Mexican experience. There are so many delicious and easy Cinco De Mayo recipes you can do at home to keep your guests happy and satisfied. From enchiladas, or flautas to a classic pozole (Mexican soup) or milk dessert these 5 traditional and yummy recipes will either take you on a trip to Mexico or keep you coming for more on Cinco De Mayo.

1. Chicken Enchiladas

There can’t be no Cinco De Mayo if chicken enchiladas are not included. This delicious and simple dish has all the ingredients that one can ask for to enjoy a truly Mexican feast!


This recipe consists of chicken breast, corn tortillas, a mix of cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese and a delicious mouth-watering sauce made with spices that you usually have in your pantry and some good chicken broth. Believe me when I say that your guests will forever love you!

2. Carnitas Tacos

Imagine slow-cooked, tender and juicy pulled pork lying in a tortilla bed, topped with pickled red onion and cilantro… To die for, right? Well, this is one of the traditional Cinco De Mayo recipes that you can not leave out!


It is so simple yet so delicious and filling, suitable not only for the Cinco De Mayo celebration but for any other special occasion or for a chill weekend when you don’t want to go crazy about cooking and just enjoy a nice dish.

3. Green Pozole

This is a great idea for a starter or after a few too many margaritas. Pozole has so many varieties in Mexico: red, white, with pork or chicken. This green chicken pozole is one of my favorites!

This Mexican soup contains chicken thighs, white corn hominy and a bunch of green vegetables, where chili is obviously the main one. It can be accompanied by fried tortillas or nachos, very rich and satisfying!


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4. Traditional Flautas

This corn filled dish is too good to be true! It’s so yummy that you just can’t have enough. It consists of corn filled tortilla with shredded chicken which is wrapped and then deep fried, it’s usually topped with salsa verde or pico de gallo but other variations include from cream cheese to jalapeño sauce.


5. Tres Leches Cake

This couldn’t end with the perfect dessert! “Tres leches” translates to “three milks” and that’s because three types of milk are used to create this delicious sweet treat: condensed, heavy cream and evaporated milk.

It’s basically a vanilla cake which is soaked into three types of milk for approximately an hour and then topped with whipped cream and strawberries… A taste of heaven in your mouth! This only means that you need to make some space after your fifth enchilada if you want to have this delicious and moist dessert.


Remember that Cinco De Mayo has no rules but to truly enjoy and delight your palate with authentic Mexican food and culture. There are many varities to try and you can complete your menu with delicious home made cocktails. Which of these Cinco De Mayo yummy recipes did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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