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What To Do When You Can’t Get Coachella Tickets Like Everyone Else

What To Do When You Can’t Get Coachella Tickets Like Everyone Else

What To Do When You Can't Get Coachella Tickets Like Everyone Else

Coachella: the most famous music festival in the world. But it’s more than just a festival, it has a famous ferris wheel as well as A-list celebs and VIP pool parties. It is an experience unlike any other set in a desert.

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is going. Except for you. So what can you do about that? Let me tell you what you can do when you can’t get Coachella tickets.

Live Stream

The most logical thing to do would be to pull up the official live streams from the event.


You may not have Coachella tickets but you do have the festival right at your fingertips through access to the internet.

You’re guaranteed to have the best seat in the house without having to involve yourself with the large crowds that dominate Coachella. No obstructed viewing, no crowds, just you and the music.

Get your big screen hooked up and your Coachella fashion on to enjoy the festival from the comfort of your own home!


What To Do When You Can’t Get Coachella Tickets Like Everyone Else

Get Tickets To A Local Festival

Going to Coachella means experiencing a wide range of music genres and artists.

If you love music and wish to appreciate it, attend a more local festival where you can also get the festival experience combined with being exposed to new music that you might not have known of before.


It supports new and upcoming artists and expands your music knowledge beyond the mainstream music scene. Who knows, you might discover new artists to dive into!

Visit A Fair

The most iconic photo opportunity at Coachella is the ferris wheel. Everyone at Coachella snaps a picture of themselves with the ferris wheel behind them, it’s part of the experience.


If you don’t have Coachella tickets, visit a fair for a fun filled day out with your friends.

With so many rides to choose from and food vendors dotted around, there is no way you will be bored. A fair ground is all the playground you need!

It provides you with plenty of photo opportunities to post on your Instagram to show off your amazing time to all of your friends!


So gather your friends and take a trip to a fair. You will have forgotten about your Coachella tickets in no time at all.

What To Do When You Can’t Get Coachella Tickets Like Everyone Else


Take A Road Trip

You didn’t get Coachella tickets but that doesn’t mean you can’t go enjoy the deserts.

Take the money you saved up and go on a trip with your friends! You don’t need Coachella to enjoy the scorching sun and good music. Check yourself into a sunny hotel and lounge by the pool with your friends.

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There won’t be A-listers on your trip but the chances of you running into them at the festival were slim to begin with. Enjoy this time with your friends and make it a vacation to remember!

What To Do When You Can’t Get Coachella Tickets Like Everyone Else

Donate To Charity

If you know any of the recent controversy and history around Coachella, you would know that the director has funnelled money from ticket sales into supporting some very negative causes, namely anti-LGBT+ charities.


If you didn’t get tickets this time around, consider donating money to a charity that helps people from minority groups. It doesn’t need to be a lot. Every little helps in the end.

Consider how fortunate you are to have the opportunity to attend Coachella in the first place and choose to do some good for others who need a helping hand.


Get In

This is a very hit or miss idea but one that has worked for some.

I suggest you look up Garrett Watts on YouTube to find out just how he got into Coachella (successfully!) without his own ticket.

Long story short, if you’re desperate to get in you can stand outside the venue and ask people leaving if you could have their wristband (since they won’t be needing it anyways).


Someone might be nice enough to give up their wristband for you to get in and enjoy the event!

I hope these suggestions will help you forget the Coachella tickets that you did not get! Save up and try again next year, you might finally get your shot! Which act are you most looking forward to at this year’s Coachella? Let me know in the comments below!

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