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What To Do If You Are Feeling Lonely At University

What To Do If You Are Feeling Lonely At University

If you are feeling lonely at university, these tips will help you beat homesickness. There is no need to feel lonely in Uni. Here are homesickness tips.

University can be tough at times. Juggling lectures, assignments, nights out, new and old friendships. You have a lot going on all at the same time that might sometimes impact your own thoughts and health. The late night library sessions, or all nighters in your accommodation room doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away from everyone. The amount of work that you get given might mean you miss the odd social event, but, it does not mean you are alone. You are never alone. It might feel like it from time to time, but there are plenty of people out there that are there to support you. I have complied a short list of 5 things to do if you ever feel lonely during your time at university.

1. Family

Making the odd phone call here and there to your family back home can actually help make all the difference. If you’re feeling like there is no one at university you feel like talking to at that particular time, pick up the phone and ring your parents, an aunt, a sibling. Someone at home who is not associated with your uni. That phone call can be a small escape from your assignment and it’s also someone to have a conversation with for a little while.

Plus, if you don’t live to far away from where you’re studying, why not visit home for a day to have a good catch up with your parents. Not only does this allow you to have some varied company for a bit but it also gives you a little break from seeing the same old university campus that is possibly stressing you out a little.


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2. Friends

Whether they’re friends you’ve recently made since starting university or old ones from back home, having a chat with them about anything and everything is healthy. Friends are great because they are always going to be there for you, if you’ve had a crap day of lectures or just got a job promotion, they’ll be on the end of the phone waiting to offer support or going crazy with excitement.

So if you’re ever feeling alone, I suggest you either pick up the phone and give your long-time bestie a call from home or knock on your friends door down the hall and ask if they want a chat, to go for a coffee or a walk. Even if you’re swarmed with assignments, chances are they are too. My advice in this situation would be to ask them if they fancy joining you at the library for a joint study session. This way you can crack on with your uni work and enjoy the company at the same time.


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3. Societies

If you’re feeling lonely at university, why not consider joining one or two of the society’s your uni has to offer. Society’s are a fantastic way to meet new people who have the same interests and hobbies as you so you’ll always have a topic of conversation ready and waiting to go. Society’s are also a good idea to join if you’re feeling lonely because they’ll encourage you to get out of the house and distract you from even thinking that you’re lonely. It’s a bit of an escape process out of your own head space for a while.

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4. Hobbies

Similar to my point about societies, but taking up a new hobby or making sure you continue with one you’ve had before moving to university can allow you to distract yourself for a while about thinking that you are alone. Any kind of hobby, as long as you enjoy it and it takes your mind off of things are always a good recommendation. For me personally, its either listening to various albums in full and in order by my favourite artist or reading.

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5. University Support

Finally, if none of the above really appeal to you, why not pay a visit to your university support team. They are there to support you throughout your time. University Support  would be a lot happier if you contacted them outlining your worries that you’re feeling lonely rather than trying to get on with it by yourself. Your uni support team will be able to give a lot more professional advice on how to overcome your feelings of loneliness.

Let us know what you think about these survival tips for when you’re feeling lonely at University! Drop us a line!!
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