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What To Do Around Warwick Coventry When You’re Broke AF

What To Do Around Warwick Coventry When You’re Broke AF

So what exactly do you do when you are broke AF at Warwick Coventry? Well, here are ten things you can do around Warwick campus for (basically) free.

So you know how it can be as a student? Hard. Money is all too hard to keep and all too easy to spend. Believe me, I know. So what exactly do you do when you have no money? Well, here are ten things you can do for (basically) free when you’re broke AF at Warwick Coventry.

1. Get a job.

Warwick University’s central campus alone is loaded with shops for students to work at. From the famous Dirty Duck to the trendy Costa, there’s sure to be a job for you right at your doorstep-unless of course you live in Westwood-tough luck.

2. Go for a walk.

Warwick campus is HUGE, chances are you haven’t seen it all yet. There are beautiful grounds and scenic routes waiting to be discovered. Believe it or not there are  signs around campus with walking routes on (which you’ve probably never even noticed).


3. Get your gym on.

Provided you have a gym membership, there are numerous health and fitness classes that you can do for free. The stress of exams getting you down? Take yourself down to the yoga relaxation classes on every Friday evening. Better still, take out that frustration in a boxing class- or two.



4. Grab a book-no, not for an assignment, for fun.

Warwick campus has an impressive library with five floors to fulfill all of your reading desires. You’d be surprised the amount of interesting books available. Do a catalogue search and find a book you think you’d like. You know the saying time flies when you have a good book? Yeah… me neither.

5. Release your creative juices.

If you’re into films, there’s a pretty good selection of new and old films usually on show for very little at the Warwick Arts Centre. If money is really at a push, go check out the music rooms. Have a go at playing the piano. Who knows, you could be the next Mozart.


6. Test your knowledge at a pub quiz.

A great way to spend time with your friends and/or flatmates on a budget is going to a Dirty Duck quiz night. Whilst there is a small fee- £2.00- this can always be split between the team (if things are bad). Be sure to get there before the starting time of 10pm as seats are limited and believe you me, standing for two hours straight isn’t fun.

7. Unleash your inner Michael Jackson.

Every Wednesday at 10pm the Dirty Duck hosts Quackstar Karaoke (basically just Karaoke). If you feel like singing your heart out in front of people and not only in the shower, this is the event for you. For better or for worse, you and your mates can mount the stage and give the performance of your lives. Better still its free. What are you waiting for?




8. Attend a concert (kinda).

Every Thursday afternoon, Curiositea has up and coming performers who well- perform. If you’re low on cash, then live music could be a great way to pass the time. Alone or with friends, enjoy not only the great cake (not free) but amazing acts. Cake and live music? I’d do it.

9. Go clubbing… for free.

If you are someone that enjoys going out, then you will understand that nights out are indeed big investments. So if you want the best of both worlds- going out without spending anything- head over to the Terrace Bar. Right on campus, the Terrace Bar hosts a number of events such as Get Funked in which you can enjoy the tunes without emptying your pockets- or paying for a cab. Phew.


10. Beg the ‘rents.

If none of these activities quite satisfy you in a way that spending money would then there is one thing you can do. Beg. Parents are after all parents, and if you ask nicely enough i’m sure they’d part some money to their ‘struggling child who is working towards financial independence’ (sounds about right).

Do you have any other tips for surviving being broke af at Warwick Coventry? Let us know in the comments!
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