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What To Consider Before Going Into The Media Industry

What To Consider Before Going Into The Media Industry

If you are someone looking to become a professional in the media industry, check out these tips so you can be prepared for your next interview!

The media industry is one that many aspire to be a part of and as time goes on the media industry is rapidly developing. From TV to the radio there is a variety of roles out there from producers to those on screen but what things should you consider before embarking on a career in the media industry?

1. For starters, what part of the media industry do you want to go into?

The media industry is vast with many roles, companies and forms of media. If this is a sector that you are interested in entering then have a think about what specifically drives you into this area. Maybe you’re a budding DJ for a popular radio channel or maybe you fancy yourself behind the scenes on a TV programme. There are so many different types of media in the UK and it is all about choosing what one is right for you.

2. What qualifications do you need?

Now, this is definitely one to consider but there isn’t just one route. You could, of course, go to uni and study a media-based degree such as film, media and communications, digital production etc. or could learn on the job through internships, apprenticeships or work experience. There is no strict path into the media industry and again it does depend on whereabouts you want to go.


3. What experience will be helpful for a career in the media?

Locally, you could volunteer at your local radio station or newspaper. Understanding even small companies and how they work will help you understand their roles. Participating at a lower level radio or newspaper company may also allow you to be more hands-on and gain valuable experience that larger companies may not. With that being said, national newspapers and radio stations may also offer work experience and take part in these might be helpful towards your future job prospects.

4. Is there a specific role or company you would like to work for?

Now you’ve picked your specific industry but what exactly in that section has drawn you to the media? You might have decided the film and television industry is for you and maybe you fancy your hands at a hands-on role such as an animator or maybe you’d prefer being a producer behind the scenes. Knowing what sub-section you would be interested in will help you define what experience or further qualifications you might need.

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5. So you’re interested in the print media, but where to start? Magazines or newspapers?

The print media sector is huge and with a vast range of newspapers, magazines and other similar items it is hard to know what is for you. Maybe start with the style of writing you are interested in or what themes take your fancy. If you’re interested in fashion, lifestyle or beauty then maybe magazines are more your style and maybe if it is current affairs or news that is more up your street have a look at newspapers.

6. Are jobs in the media hard to come by? Is it a who you know and not what you know?

Knowing people in any industry can be helpful and jobs are always going to be competitive but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. With lots of different routes into the media, arming yourself with plenty of experience doesn’t do any harm and just teaches you more about what you want to go into.

Do you have any other tips for someone wanting to get into the media industry? Let us know in the comments below!

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