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What Really Goes On In A Group Mail Full Of Girls

What Really Goes On In A Group Mail Full Of Girls

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A lot goes on in a girls’ group mail. It’s mostly utter nonsense, but sometimes one friend will come up with some sense. It’s not all makeup and clothing disasters, you know! That’s only for special occasions. Here are 10 different things you’d find if you joined a group mail full of girls.

1. So much complaining!

We complain…a lot. When we get together as a group we just encourage each other until a never-ending circle of complaints forms. Whether it’s work, partners, children or just having a bad day in general, we like to vent. It’s actually more fun than it sounds! If we didn’t do it, we’d probably just go insane.


2. A lot of canceled plans.

The biggest problem with being an adult, is trying to make plans with other adults. Everyone is always so busy! There’ll always be skeletons of unfinished plans floating around in an all-girls group mail. We’ll get the small details down, but when it comes to finding a date perfect for everyone, well…it just doesn’t exist!

3. The rare perfect plan and every single detail you need to know about it.

Sometimes we get it right and when we do, you can bet that we will plan every little thing possible about the event! Place, time, how to get there, who needs the vegetarian menu, who needs the menu beforehand because they’re so indecisive…we plan it all. Be prepared girls!


4. The odd ridiculous conversation.

Sometimes, there’s an odd conversation that, looking back, is utter nonsense. It starts off as one thing and leads to a jumbled mess of us having multiple conversations at once. Reading these is like being on a drug trip, just too much to take in.

5. As always, sex talk!

One stereotype that is true, is that we talk about sex. One-night stands, relationships, underwear, toys, we talk about it all. We give advice and tips, compare notes, it’s just a fun conversation to have!


6. Advice on everything possible.

Whether you want to know how to do winged eyeliner, or you’re worried your partner is cheating on you, girls talk almost everything through. Honesty and compassion are key and friends should be there for each other for any dilemma. No matter how big or small, a girl group mail is always filled with advice. Whether or not someone actually follows that advice is an entirely different story!

7. A few arguments…more than a few sometimes.

Like most friendships, arguments are inevitable. A lot of the time it’s just stupid bickering that is easily resolved, but sometimes things get serious. There’s always one peacemaker who can successfully calm even the most dramatic of us down. But sometimes a name or two will be removed, only to be added once everyone has calmed down enough to be civil again. It’s not always dramatic, but sometimes things get heated; it’s how you know your friendship is strong enough to survive.

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8. Insults and a lot of sarcasm.

If an outsider joined me and my friends’ group mail, they’d probably think we hated other. The amount of abuse we throw at each other is hilarious. Banter is fine when you know the other person loves you really.


9. Confusing inside jokes you’d never understand.

Girl groups are like coded messages, sometimes you just can’t crack them. Everyone’s friendship will have some sort of inside joke or story that seems confusing to anyone else. But when there’s a group of you, the conversations can sometimes seem indecipherable. Emojis are the new hieroglyphics.

10. So much love and support!

Despite the abuse and blunt-honesty, our group mails are always full of unconditional love and support. We all know we’re there for each other and when one is suffering, we join together to be their crutch. From cute compliments to serious advice, we’ve got each other’s backs!


What happens in your group mail? Tell us in the comments!

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