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What Not To Pack For Uni

What Not To Pack For Uni

Are you trying to figure out what to pack for Uni? Well, take a break from that and take a look at this list of things you shouldn't pack instead!

When you move away from home for the first time as a fresher, you won’t really know what to expect until you get there. This is why many new students overpack and take things that they don’t need and will likely never use! If you want to avoid wasting precious space in your suitcase or your parent’s car and are unsure about what you can leave behind, read this list of 10 things NOT to pack for Uni:

1. An iron

Although all students go to Uni with good intentions, in reality you probably won’t want or need to iron on a regular basis. If you’re worried about your clothes creasing, you can hang them on an airer to dry rather than using the drier. You can also reduce creases by hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower to let them steam, or you can even use a hairdryer or flat iron on low heat if they’re really bad. Plus, if you really need an iron you can borrow someone else’s, this is one item not to pack for Uni.

2. All the recommended course books

Although you’ll want to go prepared when you pack for uni, you don’t need to buy every book on the recommended reading list for your course. Instead, I you should wait to see what you actually need first, as you may only need the essentials. Also, the University library will stock most of the books you need and there may even be a department dedicated to selling second-hand books at discounted rates to students. However, if there are essential books that you need to read in advance or must have your own copy of, I recommend buying these second-hand from Amazon or Ebay, as it’s just not worth buying new ones.


3. Toiletries

While you may want to bring a small set of toiletries to tide you over until you go shopping, toiletries are something which you can buy when you get there. Large bottles of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are bulky and heavy to carry, and if you have to carry your bag from the train station, these items are just going to add unnecessary weight and take up valuable space in your luggage when you pack for Uni. Universities are usually located near towns or city centres where you can pick up cheap toiletries in shops like Poundland, so you can easily buy new ones when you arrive. Save space and do not pack these for Uni!

4. Unnecessary kitchen items

When you move into student accommodation, you will be provided with basic appliances like a microwave, kettle and fridge, so there’s no need to take these items with you. Likewise, a shared kitchen does not need six can openers or six frying pans. Your best bet is to take a few basic items like a set of cutlery, a couple of bowls and plates, a saucepan and a frying pan, then see what your housemates bring, as you can always share or buy what you need there! You’re also unlikely to need luxury items like a rice cooker or baking equipment and they’ll take up storage space in your kitchen, so do not take these to Uni.

5. Old notes

University is very different from school and college and your old notes will probably seem irrelevant when you get there. If you’ve taken a look at your first-year modules and you think something may be useful for a specific topic, you can always bring it along with you, but you don’t need to cart lots of files and folders containing all your old notes and assignments with you. After all, Uni is a new step in your education not necessarily a continuation, so you’ll be starting again from scratch for the most part. If you really need something you left behind, you can always have it delivered or get someone to scan it and email it over to you. Do not bother packing these for Uni.


6. A printer

While having your own printer can be very convenient, your Uni will allocate you printing credits when you enrol, so it will be more cost-effective to use the printers on campus. This means you won’t have to fork out for ink or paper, you won’t have to find somewhere to store your printer and you’ll have more desk space. You also won’t have people pestering you to use it! Unless your course requires you to print out a lot of documents, you probably won’t need your own printer so save your money when you pack for Uni.

7. Stationery

Many students are tempted to go out and buy a set of pretty new stationery, but you probably won’t need it. You certainly won’t need a ruler, protractor or colouring pencils if you’re studying English, so just take the basics. Also, during Fresher’s week there will be loads of freebies given out at fairs and events, so you’ll likely pick up enough pens and USB sticks to last you at least a term! Save your money and do not pack lots of stationery for Uni!

8. Clothes you don’t wear often

Wardrobe space in student accommodation is usually very limited, so you should resist the temptation to bring all of the clothes you own with you when you pack for uni. If you haven’t worn something in the last six months and you’ve no reason to bring it, do not pack it. Remember, if you don’t wear it at home, you won’t wear it at Uni either. Bring a range of items that will cover you for different seasons, as well as some dressy outfits for nights out and don’t forget to pack comfy loungewear as you’ll spend a lot of time in your room!

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9. A TV & DVDs

Bringing a TV to Uni can seem like a good option for nights when you want to a take a break from studying and relax with your housemates. However, there really is no need to cart such as large, expensive item when you can watch films and TV shows on your laptop or even your phone. It will also save space in your car for more important things.

Similarly, you don’t need to bring a stack of DVDs, as it will be easier to use a cheap online streaming service like Netflix. You can share this with your housemates and some student accommodation such as private halls may even include Netflix as part of your inclusive bills! A TV is definitely not necessary, so do not pack it for Uni!


10. Your pet

Yes, that’s right, your pet. Believe it or not, I have seen pets being snuck into student houses and although they’re usually only small animals like hamsters, you really shouldn’t take them to Uni. Most rented accommodation does not allow you to bring pets and you get into some major trouble during an inspection.

Pets can also cause damage to furniture and wiring if they get out! Although they may be your best mate and offer great company, pets are expensive to keep and require regular feeding and cleaning, which you may not have the time or money to do. All in all it’s best to leave them at home, so do not pack them for Uni!

These are just 10 of the unnecessary things that you should not pack for Uni, if you are wondering what to leave at home. Can you think of any others? Leave them in the comments below…
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