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What Netflix Series You Should Watch Based On Your Horoscope

What Netflix Series You Should Watch Based On Your Horoscope

Netflix is a great way to kick back and relax, but ever had problems finding the perfect series? Here's the series for you based on your star sign!

Do you love Netflix and chilling but always have a hard time deciding what series to start? Have you scrolled through countless of pages and still weren’t able to choose a series for you and your partner/friends? Well, I can’t blame you since Netflix has an overwhelming number of series’ options for all. To make this process slightly easier, I will be sharing a list of Netflix series based on your horoscope starting with the first astrological sign… Hopefully, you won’t be scrolling endlessly the next time you open Netflix.

1. Aries – Mindhunter

Aries people like shows that get their creative juices flowing. Even better if it’s thrilling, sadistic and full of drama like Mindhunter on Netflix.

2. Taurus – Money Heist

Taurus has huge ambitions and big goals. You enjoy light-hearted series as well as complex storylines. Money Heist is a perfect option for you!


3. Gemini – Lucifer

Gemini’s love to think, and love shows that make them analyse and solve a mystery. For these reasons, the perfect series would be Lucifer.

4. Cancer – The Office

As a Cancer, you are probably the most in touch with your feelings compared to the other signs. When you choose to binge a Netflix series, you probably are looking for some laughs. The Office is the perfect option!

5. Leo – The Crown

Leo’s love being the centre of attention and getting compliments from peers. They are also one of the most creative signs and need a series that will stimulate their minds, beauty and appearance. A perfect choice for you high-class Leo’s would be The Crown on Netflix.


6. Virgo – Queer Eye

Well, Virgo’s are perfectionists are what make them feel more at ease than a transformation show like Queer Eye? Stay on top by learning about different wellness and diet documentaries.

7. Libra – Gilmore Girl

As a Libra, you enjoy light-hearted movies compared to complex ones. Generally, you like watching something nostalgic, calm and peaceful like Gilmore Girl.

8. Scorpio – HTGAWM

Scorpios are the deepest, darkest and private out of all the signs. Intense drama series are like How To Get Away With Murder is perfect for Scorpios and their sometimes notorious minds.


9. Sagittarius – Bojack Horseman

Sagittarian’s are known to be adventurous with a tough exterior and soft interior. They rarely show their feelings so this can be expressed while watching a Netflix series such as Bojack Horseman. I’m serious, you’ll love it.

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10. Capricorn – Jessica Jones

Capricorns are generally serious people who love movies of adventure, thrill and suspense. Female Capricorns are usually feminists and for this reason, would enjoy Marvel’s Jessica Jones played a strong female lead who is a queen of sarcasm and will let no man tell her what to do, just like most independent, strong Capricorn women.


11. Aquarius – Altered Carbon

Aquarians are known to be one of the most intelligent horoscopes and for this reason,

are most interested in science fiction movies about the world, evolution and philosophy. Altered Carbon is the perfect choice for you imaginative Aquarians to get your brain juices flowing.

12. Pisces – Friends

Pisces is intuitive and calm, and prefer watching something light-hearted than full-on documentary. They are not too picky when it comes to series and movies! Romantic comedies like Friends would simply do the trick.


Have I hit the hammer on the nail with these suggestions? Hopefully the next time you decide to Netflix and chill, choosing a series will not be a problem for you!

Let me know which was your favourite series in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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