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What Makes Freshers Week So Fun

What Makes Freshers Week So Fun

What Makes Freshers Week So Fun

For anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of experiencing Freshers Week, it is a period before the start of an academic year at a university/college. A whole load of events are held to welcome new students during this period, aimed at helping them to make new friends, get used to the place generally, and have some fun! It can be a wild time and can really set your university life off to a great start if you do it right. It can also be an opportunity to make friends and memories for life.

There are several things that make Freshers Week so much fun. If you’re going to be starting university this September or are just generally wondering what’s so great about them, here are the best things about Freshers Week!

1. Parties!

Most universities put on loads of parties during Freshers Week, be it in the day time or at night. There is usually something for everyone, from foam parties, UV parties, fancy dress parties, whatever you’re hoping for, they probably will do it. Then there are the halls of residence parties, there’s always a part going on in someone’s flat. Freshers Week is just a whole non-stop party really!


2. Free food

Who loves free food more than a broke student? Most universities usually host some kind of BBQ, hog roast, or something along those lines, and failing that, at a lot of day time events there are usually free food or samples on offer to new students! At my university, they offered free Dominos pizza slices during the Freshers fare and also offered a free bag of shopping to a select amount of students. Keep your eye out and make sure you get that free food!

3. Free events

Most universities during Freshers Week will put on a lot of either free or cheap events, in an attempt to entice as many people as possible out to mingle and make friends. From movie nights and pub quizzes, to BBQs and free concerts. Some universities manage to get celebrities in to give talks and to perform at the students union, and some will put on magician nights or set up fairground rides. So really, no matter what kind of person you are or whatever it is that you’re into, you’ll have fun.

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4. Making new friends

A large part of Freshers Week is about making friends. A lot of people when starting university won’t know a single person there, and the university wants you to make as many friends as possible and be happy there, so think of Freshers Week as a big networking week for students. The university will encourage your flat to go out together and get to know each other better (usually through drinking games) and you’ll quickly and easily make friends – even if you’re not someone that finds making friends very easy! The week is designed around the idea of getting people together and getting them to know each other in a fun way.

5. There’s no work!

For most universities and most courses, no work will be set during Freshers Week (or if there is some, then it really won’t be a lot). This means that you can go out and enjoy yourself completely guilt and stress-free, because there isn’t a huge assignment waiting for you in the morning – make the most of that because that will be your life for the rest of the year.

So, whether you’re someone that loves a squad movie outing, a fancy dress party, or free pizza, there is something for everyone in Freshers Week – it’s hard not to enjoy it! If you’ve experienced Freshers Week, let us know in the comments what was your favourite part!

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