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What It’s Like To Move Home After Uni

What It’s Like To Move Home After Uni

The move home after uni can make you feel a lot of ways you may not have been expecting. Here's our take on what moving home is like!

Weird. To put it in simple terms. It’s also pretty sad.  For a minimum of three years you will have probably now lived away from home. This means your way of living will have really changed. You will be much more dependent. You will be used to being able to be completely selfishly, just how you want to. What it’s like to move home after uni can be a bit of challenge, but that’s just because it is different to how you have been living for some time now.

Living in a student house is completely different to living in a family home. But it’s not just about your relationship with your parents that is different, it’s with your home friends, uni friends and home city itself. At times it can be pretty overwhelming getting used to the new change. This article discusses what it’s like to move home after uni and some tips and ideas to make it easier and happier when you’re missing uni life.

The rents

So, you’ve lived free from their concerned gazes for multiple years now. Coming home means you have to make the effort (and they do to) to kind of get to know you again. Obviously, they know you. But if you only came home the minimum you had to from uni, you’ve not really hung out properly for some time. Honesty, patience and understanding are all factors to try and ensure you all get along in harmony. They might still think of you as a tiny baby, and you think of yourself as this worldly adult. These two contrasting ideas can create conflicts. That’s normal and okay, as I said, just try and be open about it.


Home rule

Alongside getting on with your parents is getting on in their house. They’ve not had you living there so their routines won’t involve you. A family home is very different to a uni house. No late night drinking during the week with loud music. No coming in at all hours of the day, or just living on a student time table which is very different to a working day one. Putting in a shift with the washing up, laundry, and things like emptying the dishwasher will be well appreciated. Remember, this is their home too. It can feel a bit lonely and frustrating at first. Don’t worry if you feel pretty sad and bored, that’s fine. But make sure you stay proactive and aware of how you’re feeling. Establish boundaries with your parents to prevent them nagging and you both resenting each other.


Hopefully you will have stayed in contact with your home friends. Even so, coming home can feel weird when you’ve been away for so long. Make sure you make an effort. You’ll find your social life will be very different to uni too. All your mates used to live just down the road. This can be different at home. Even though it is different, try not to just instantly be opposed to it. Approach it positively and see where and how you can have the most fun catching up with all your home friends.

Uni m8s

We miss youuu 🙁 This is when you realise you actually live so far away from one another. What it’s like to move home after uni is missing a lot of people, a lot. My main advice is to make the effort, call them, text them, go see them! Let them know you’re thinking about them occasionally. 

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Home living

You might not think much can change in a few years. It might have! I found when coming from uni so much had changed in my city. This was actually really great. It meant there were new places to visit, eat and explore. Go out and see your home city with a fresh pair of eyes. Get to know it again and make the most of living at home in this way. Soon you might have a job somewhere else and be off again.

The job thing

If you haven’t sorted yourself a job yet you’ll probably feel pretty stressed about that. It won’t help with all your relatives and such asking you about it every moment of the day. Don’t stress you’ll get there! You just got a degree (well done you) give yourself some time to chill and get on the job search. Don’t pile extra unnecessary stress on yourself.


Let’s face it, uni was (hopefully) the best experience ever. All your friends together, freedom, etc etc you know why it was great. What it’s like to move home after uni can often be pretty sad. That’s okay, we feel you. But keep on keeping on and hopefully some of these tips will make your time easier until you decide what you want to do next.

Moving home has its ups and downs, I hope this article helps you to not feel alone. We all miss uni too. What’s your take on the move home after uni? Tell us in the comments!
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