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What It’s Like To Decorate Your Apartment When You’re Not An Interior Designer

What It’s Like To Decorate Your Apartment When You’re Not An Interior Designer

What It’s Like To Decorate Your Apartment When You’re Not An Interior Designer or Stylist.

When it comes to decorating your home, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to do, and how to do it. From repainting a room to accessorizing your bedroom or revamping your kitchen, there are so many possible places to start working on in your home. It may seem overwhelming at first, but breaking the whole decoration process down into bite-size manageable pieces is the best place to start first. With this in mind, we’ll explain to you what it’s like to decorate your apartment when you’re not an interior designer and give you some simple and easy tricks to become better at it.

Knowing where to start with Lighting can seem very daunting, puzzling and overwhelming.

Lighting is such an important component when it comes to your home’s ambience, vibe and energy. It can give your home a subtle mood without having to do too much work to your home. Shopping for lighting can be more fun than you may expect – these days Lighting has become a lot more interesting and experimental than ever before. You now have sensory mood lighting, fairy lights, spotlights and pendant lighting just to name a few.

Neon lights are a good feature to have in your apartment and make the interior design beautiful


Fairly lights are beautiful to have in your apartment and a great interior design feature

Feeling like you don’t know how to Accessorize your home? You can do really small and easy things to make your home more decorative.

You don’t have to spend a lot or do a lot, to make your home look more personalised and cosy. Small things like buying some colourful pillows and or a few throw- overs, can instantly make your apartment look cooler and more comfortable. Why not try investing in some beautifully patterned pillows that’ll make your sofa/couch look that much cosier, and a colourful throw-over on that armchair you have with a hole in it is a great cover up!

Colourful pillows are a great way to add colour to your apartment and help with the interior design


Throw-overs are beautiful and cosy in your apartment and are an easy interior design style choice

Want to make your apartment look more cultured? Art is a great way to achieve this.

Art is a fantastic way to inject personality and your individual sense of style into your apartment. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, and it can be hung or placed in literally any room of your apartment. Big pictures are great on a plain white wall to add a pop of colour and texture to the room whilst a nice colourful picture in your bedroom can also be the perfect look too.

Art work adds a touch of personality to your apartment as is an easy interior design feature to have in your space


Black and white artwork makes for a great feature on your kitchen wall and is a great interior design tip

So you don’t know how to set a chilled mood in your apartment? Candles are an easy and cheap way to do this.

Candles, like lighting, can instantly change the mood of your apartment – it can make your space look more relaxing, soothing or even romantic for a special occasion! Obviously, you must always be careful when lighting a candle / keeping a candle lit so nothing catches fire, but they can make a bubble bath look that extra bit relaxing if placed in the bathroom. If you find yourself mid-revision exam stress, lighting some candles whilst you revise and read your books can help make you feel more relaxed.


Candles in your apartment are a beautiful feature to have and will make it look like you're an Interior Designer


Candles when reading a book is relaxing and gives your Interior design style a cosy touch

Monograms are so trendy and showcase that you’re up-to-date in the world of Interior Design!

Monograms are everywhere these days and can be incorporated into any room of your home. Whether it’s a single letter hung up on your bedroom wall, or an initial stitched into one of your pillows, monograms are oh so cute and are a nice thing to have somewhere in your apartment to add a sense of personal style and warmth to your home.


Monograms are cute and make your apartment look great even though you're not an Interior Designer

Monograms on Pillows look super cute and will have your friends thinking you work in Design even though you're not an Interior Designer

What’s your favourite Interior design tip? And how do you decorate your apartment? Any tips and tricks on how to design your home even though you may not be an Interior Designer? Let us know!

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