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What Foods Are Addictive? The List Everyone Should Know

What Foods Are Addictive? The List Everyone Should Know

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Of course some of the most tasty foods are the ones that are bad for us and yet, incredibly addictive.¬†Actually, some of the most addictive foods have the same effects as drugs on the brain. These foods are usually highly processed as well as high in salt, sugar and fat. So we’ve put together a list everyone should know of what foods are addictive to help kick the craving!


Ever crave a cheesy pizza after a long day? Well that craving is because pizza is one of the most addictive foods due to how processed it is. and high in salt it is.¬† Try making your own with healthier toppings and get creative with the crust. You’ll curb that pizza craving in no time.


Hands up if you have a sweet tooth like me? And chocolate is one of those weaknesses. But milk and white chocolate are actually highly addictive and contain a lot of sugar. Try swapping to dark chocolate with a higher coco content as this can actually be good for you and you’re still getting your chocolate intake. It’s a win win!



Ready salted, salt & vinegar, prawn cocktail; whatever your choice is they are all super addictive. They’re highly processed and high in sodium. However, you can easily make your own which will be just as addicting but healthier!


Now who here is a cookie monster? It can’t just be me. But cookies though tasty are highly addictive and full of sugar, which is a packet goes a lot quicker than they should. But if you make your own at home you cn track how much sugar you put in and you’ll also have an endless supply of them. That’s something everyone can get down with.

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French Fries

Who can ever say no to fry? That’s just because this processed food with an extremely high salt content in them causes you to crave more and more. Which is why it never just stops at one. But we have to be strong and resist.

Fizzy Drinks (the non diet version)

Fizzy drinks are highly addictive and pumped full of sugar to the point where you can’t go a day without craving one. This is because sugar is one of the most addictive subtances around. Try infusing your water with different fruits to create a natural sweet drink.

Are you more aware of what foods are addictive? Did you already know the foods on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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