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What Autumn Means For You

What Autumn Means For You

Your zodiac sign can tell you everything about what autumn means for you! Here's what you can expect this fall to bring you!

As we approach the end of a sizzling summer we’ll be making a steady transition into Autumn and start thinking about what the last quarter of the year holds! There’s nothing quite like feeling refreshed after the summer as we start making plans on how we can motivate ourselves for the new line of work upcoming. If you have been feeling demotivated or feel far away from achieving your goals you needn’t worry! Because lucky for all the zodiac, with the help of Jupiter’s transit, your goals are going to get a lot easier to achieve if you continue to keep your motivations high. The end of 2017 set the stage as you started setting out to complete your goals and this last part of 2018 is going to put you a stride closer! So, without further ado, here is what Autumn will mean for the zodiac!

Jupiter In Autumn

Jupiter is set to make its transit into Scorpio this Autumn! Libra is about to lose the power of Jupiter with being in transit there since the end of 2017 and the power will shift over to Scorpio. This transition will be interesting, to say the least as it is going to bring much of the change that all the zodiac is set to experience this Autumn! Thankfully though, most of this change will remain positive in terms of work, money and love! This Jupiter transit will take place on October 11th and the shift will be intense and felt across the universe.

Jupiter has always symbolised good luck and bounty and will make no exception in Scorpio’s hands. As Scorpio relates to the spiritual aspects of life, Jupiter will sit very positively in its realm meaning that it will bring about positive change across the zodiac that is very much needed after the rippling effects of summers Mercury retrograde. This will restore a sense of balance that the zodiac is yearning for in this moment of time.


What To Expect

Seeing as Mercury’s retrograde will have well and truly passed by Autumn, all the zodiac would have hit potholes in the road on their journey to reaching their aims whether it be in work, love or money. At this point, it is starting to feel impossible that you are going to reach the end goal you set at the beginning of the year, but not to worry, because you can expect good things if you put the effort in. Jupiter’s transition is going to throw you into a dimension of increased self-love, opportunities for work promotions and a higher chance of falling romantically into love with somebody you’ve had your eye on all year.

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It’s going to be a testing time spiritually and mentally, but with Jupiter’s transition, the positive influences around you are going to help you get to where you deserve to be. Happiness is looking like it will be fulfilled, and you can expect improvements in the home life by bringing yourself closer to loved ones. Scorpio has always been about wildness, freedom, passion, sex, love and dedication, which is why the upcoming Autumn season will encompass all these things and will help define your life path and guide you in the right direction.

Jupiter’s Retrograde?

Don’t worry, Jupiter’s retrograde will not be until March 29th, 2019 where it will transition into Sagittarius for a fleeting amount of time through April. That’s why this time in Autumn is valuable for all the zodiac to acknowledge to ensure that you have your new plans in place and what you want out of the new year ahead so that you’re ready to take on the slower force of energy that might slow you down with it. Autumn is destined to be great if you want to make it great!

What are the 2018 goals you want to achieve by Autumn? Let us know!
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