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What 2019 Male Fashion Says About Today’s Society

What 2019 Male Fashion Says About Today’s Society

What 2019 Male Fashion Says About Today's Society

Fashion has changed a lot throughout the years, especially for men. I remember being 13 and thinking chino’s were such an essential part to a guy, when in reality I look back and cringe about what I use to wear. Should I blame my parents for dressing me so hideously? Or, should I of took a reality check years ago… Enough of me though, let’s talk about what 2019 male fashion says about today’s society and if it is one of them things that we will look at in another 10 years and cringe to?

Do We Wear Certain Things To ‘Fit In?’

I can hold my hand up and say I move in time with fashion. Not necessary to ‘fit in’ but an item of clothing will catch my eye and I will just have to have it.  The next thing I know, i’m ‘in with the trend?’ This look especially explains my fashion sense in today’s society and almost every teenager I know is going through this stage. The t-shirt/jumper with the striped/checkered pants is a no brainer when it comes to it being formal for a night out, and a casual shopping outfit. Every guy can wear this whenever they wish too and they don’t need to worry about being under or over dressed. It’s perfect!Man Wearing A Jumper And Stripped Pants

What About A Tracksuit?

I’ve noticed throughout the years how much attention has been put on tracksuits. When I was younger they were always baggy and you were seen as a ‘chav.’ When, nowadays they come in variety of colours and high street brands like Topman and River Island sell them. However, it’s fashion right? Take this tracksuit as example, it’s tight, a nice colour and would suit almost any guy. Plus, it’s comfortable and smart enough to wear wherever. Well, maybe not a wedding but you get what I mean…Topman Green Tracksuit


The Safe But Very Stylish Look

An outfit that has never lost it’s touch and will always be popular is just the simple, jeans and a t-shirt. With that said, throughout the years it has changed it’s ways especially with accessories that’s been added to it and the skinnier jean with the longer t-shirt. This is a great going out partying outfit and it’s a safe comfortable fashion choice too.Black T-Shirt And Jeans

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Accessories Are Hot?

Fashion accessories are a main factor of today’s society especially for men. I notice that a lot of them wear chains or will get more adventurous piercing rather than the 10 year old one lobe piercing on their left ear. This is also seen as ‘hot’ and a lot of people go for guys like this. Society and Fashion has introduced chains and even what socks we wear to make us look that little bit extra. We don’t know why we do it… We just do it!Bracelets And Rings On Man's Hand


I think and what most people will agree with is fashion is always going to be a vital part of people’s lives. Whether if you are a man or woman you will move with time and adapt to what the ‘trend’ is at that time even if you don’t even mean to. I don’t think anyone follows the crowd because we all individually do things in our own way. We’re all trend setters. However, no one can help noticing a good outfit on another person and not ask them where they got it from… Am I right?

If you have been personally victimised by fashion and have spent way too much money than you should off on items of clothing, or even if you have any embarrassing fashion moments then make sure to leave a comment and tell us about your experiences.
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