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8 Of The Weirdest New Fitness Trends You Should Try

8 Of The Weirdest New Fitness Trends You Should Try

These new fitness trends are totally weird, but you should also totally try them. Here are some fo the weirdest new fitness trends you have to try now!

If you’re starting to get a little bit bored of your weekly HIIT session, it might be time to spice up your fitness routine. From cat yoga to laser tag workouts, these are the fitness trends worth trying (at least once, anyway) this Autumn.

1. Twerking Classes

Yes, these are a real thing. If ballroom dancing isn’t your thing, then twerking classes might be. They are a surefire way to work up a sweat and get your heart-rate racing, and you learn how to twerk alongside a mixture of other dance moves – making for a super energetic session which leaves you not only feeling fantastic, but with a new set of moves for Saturday night!

2. Cat Yoga

Sweeping its way through California is the latest trend in the Instagram yoga craze: cat yoga. And honestly, we can’t see anything wrong with this idea. Love cats? Check. Love yoga? Check. Want to get super fit via a combination of everything we love? Um, yes please! Although be prepared, the cats will almost always be better at the yoga than you will be.


3. Bungee Dance

Pretty much as close as we’re going to get to learning how to fly, bungee dance classes are a new kind of workout where you’re attached to the ceiling via a bungee. Moving around is both more difficult – hello, toned muscles – but also easier, when the rebound gives you an extra boost. More fun than hardcore exercise, this is a workout that’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t actually like the idea of working out.

4. Hula Hoop Classes

Remember this from your younger years? Tuns out your honed hula-hooping skills might actually come in useful to help you stay fit nowadays. Hula hoop classes are an energetic way to really tone your core muscles, leaving you with an impressive party trick at the end. A lot of the classes teach you tricks like ‘vortexes’ and ‘body rolls’, which certainly sound impressive.

5. Mermaid Fitness

If you consider yourself a Disney princess, Mermaid Fitness might be the missing piece to your workout puzzle. That said, the workout isn’t easy. Be prepared to tackle a mixture of pilates, barre and yoga alongside what is described as the “fluid cardio-fun of a deep-water aquatic experience”. To summarise, you’ll be wearing a mermaid fin and working out under water (so make sure you can swim and that you’re super comfortable in water before you take on this class)!

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6. LazRfit

This might just be our favourite workout so far. LazRFit combines a competitive spirit and love of games to create the perfect fitness tool: cardio-heavy laser tag. Each class has a warm up session before you head right in for a laser tag game, in teams, designed to really get you sweating. Once you finish, thanks to top quality equipment that does more than just fire lasers at your opponents, you can check all of your data from the workout including your calories, steps and speed.

7. Boogie Bounce

As Boogie Bounce state, “everyone loves to bounce”. This is what’s behind the trampoline fitness movement that’s all about jumping your way into shape. The technique combines HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) moves with small, controlled movements – no flips, unfortunately – to create a fat-burning, cardio heavy workout. Depending on your experience level – or enthusiasm – you can get different classes, from kids and beginner sessions to extreme.


8. Rave Dance Workouts

Ever felt like a night out of dancing should definitely count as a full-body workout? You’re in luck! One of the newest fitness trends slowly spreading across the globe is rave dance workouts. Raves, held in darkened rooms with loud music and often glow-sticks (definitely clubbing vibes) are held in the mornings or throughout the day so you really can dance your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We’re not sure about you, but we think some of these weird workout classes definitely sound like they’re worth a go, especially if you’re looking to switch up your fitness routine. Time to wave goodbye to your traditional gym membership! What fitness trends do you want to try? What fitness trends do you suggest? Tell us in the comments!
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