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10 Weird Superstitions That People Actually Believe In

Superstitions still remain an important part of our society despite their seemingly old-fashioned nature. A lot of grandparents are probably superstitious and may have told you about the ones that they believed in. We are all familiar with a few staple ones such as a black cat being a symbol of bad luck, but there are some really quirky ones out there that I just can’t get my head around. Check out these 10 weird superstitions that people actually believe in to this day:

1. Never gift an even number of flowers

Origin: Russia

Picking the perfect bouquet in Russia isn’t as easy as in most other places – you have to make sure that it contains an odd number of flowers. An even bunch is a sign of tragedy or even death, so it’s best to avoid that next time you’re out shopping for some lovely blooms. However, this doesn’t really apply to large and complex bouquets because it would be too hard to count the number of flowers in them when you’re in the store. Which of these weird superstitions do you find the weirdest?

2. Don’t stick your chopsticks upright in the rice

Origin: Japan

Placing your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice is a very bad sign in Japan – it symbolises death. In such a position the chopsticks look like the number four, which also means death in Japanese, so be careful with your chopsticks next time you’re eating out. Which of these weird superstitions do you find the weirdest?

3. Cheers with water is bad luck

Origin: Germany

We all like to cheers when we have a drink but you should be wary doing that in Germany because it’s considered really bad luck to do so with water. It is considered that a cheers with water is a way of wishing death upon the people that you’re with at the table.

4. Don’t play with scissors

Origin: Egypt

It is believed that playing around with scissors is bad luck, especially if you open and close them for no reason. This may be a strange superstition but at least it makes some sense on a practical level because, you know, playing with anything sharp is potentially dangerous. Which of these weird superstitions do you find the weirdest?

5. Knitting outside the house can be bad

Origin: Iceland

Most people probably knit indoors anyway but it’s best to avoid doing it outside if you happen to be in Iceland. Apparently knitting outdoors may prolong winter, which can result in a number of bad things, including a poor harvest.

6. Never wear red during a storm

Origin: Philippines

In the Philippines it is believed that wearing red during a storm is a terrible idea because it supposedly attracts lightning, which obviously increases your chances of getting seriously hurt. I guess it’s best to be on the safe side and put on a different colour instead. Which of these weird superstitions do you find the weirdest?

7. Don’t Walk Backwards

Origin: Portugal

You guessed it – walking backwards is considered very bad luck in Portugal. It is believed that by doing so, you’re revealing to the devil the way you’re walking. To be fair, I don’t see why anyone would ever bother walking backwards as it is; it just seems more convenient to turn around instead.

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8. Never leave or enter a room with your left foot

Origin: Spain

This superstition is also popular in a number of other European countries, including Portugal. According to this belief, you should always aim to enter and leave a room with your right foot, because doing it with your left is a sign of bad luck. Which of these weird superstitions do you find the weirdest?

9. Avoid stepping on manholes

Origin: Sweden

According to Swedish belief, stepping on a particular manhole cover may determine your romantic life. If you tread on one marked with the letter “k” (which stands for the Swedish word for “fresh water”), you will be blessed with love and happiness. On the other hand, if you step on one with the letter “a” (standing for the Swedish word for “sewage”), you will find yourself with a broken heart.

10. Don’t chew gum during the night

Origin: Turkey

This strange superstition is actually rather creepy as well – in Turkey, it is believed that chewing gum at night is the equivalent of eating a dead body. The gum represents dead flesh, which I think is unnerving enough to stop anyone from ever chewing gum during the dark again.

Which of these weird superstitions do you find the weirdest? Do you believe in any yourself? Let us know below!

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