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How To Spend A Weekend In Manchester

How To Spend A Weekend In Manchester

So you've got an entire weekend in Manchester? A place that's filled with endless fun and exciting places to visit. Your perfect weekend starts right here.

So you’ve got an entire weekend in Manchester… what an amazing place that’s filled with endless fun and exciting places to visit. Manchester is a city well known for its bars, clubs, restaurants and of course the many places to shop. Whether nights out are your thing, or you’re just looking for a quiet weekend chilling and relaxing, there’s so much here that will take your fancy. Your perfect weekend starts right here.

1. Say you get there Friday night, unpack your things, and you’re looking to go out and have fun.

A perfect idea would be to go out into the town’s finest dining locations, either the Northern Quarter, Deansgate or Spinningfields. You’ll find hundreds of fascinating restaurants regularly visited by the stars. Top favourites include Neighbourhood, Menagerie, Russo or Tattu. They all have excellent food and have beautifully decorated interiors, guaranteed to make your limited time there special.

2. After your meal, a great idea would be to return to your accommodation and relax before you paint the town red.

Nights out in Manchester are a favourite of those who travel far and wide, with people travelling across the country just for a taste of the city’s nightlife. There’s many amazing clubs which play the newest songs with the most incredible atmosphere. One of the most well-known clubs in Manchester is ‘Tiger Tiger’. Here you’ll find large dancefloors with several floors as well as an exclusive VIP section. Another great club you can visit is Suede, a plush nightclub with regular DJ nights.

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3. Although you may be feeling slightly worse for wear come Saturday morning, a great way to get yourself up and going again is with some retail therapy!

Manchester’s Arndale centre is home to an array of popular stores such as Topshop, River Island. It also has a huge food court to suit any appetite with options like KFC, Taco Bell, Subway and more. The shops don’t end there though, outside the Arndale you’ll find streets and streets filled with every store you desire. If you have a car or are happy to get the bus, you could go to the local Trafford Centre. Possibly the most beautiful shopping mall in England, with its extravagant marble staircase and a food court made to look like a cruise ship. The Trafford Centre is a personal favourite of mine and is my go-to place for the latest styles. Once you’ve shopped till you’ve dropped, how about checking out one of the many other beautiful restaurants Manchester has to offer for a spot of dinner.

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4. By Sunday, you’re probably exhausted.

A gentle day out, such as a day at Whitworth Art Gallery is the perfect solution. With approximately 55,000 items in its collection, you’ll see plenty pieces of beautiful artwork to feed your creative appetite. The Whitworth museum is located in Whitworth Park as part of the University of Manchester.

How To Spend A Weekend In Manchester
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