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8 Wedding Outfits You Can Wear For All Types Of Weather

8 Wedding Outfits You Can Wear For All Types Of Weather

Trying to find a wedding outfit you can wear in all kinds of weather can be stressful. Here are eight wedding outfits you can wear in rain or shine!

Weddings are a time of celebration and dressing up in gorgeous dresses or a funky outfit. However, sometimes it’s hard to find a wedding outfit that you can wear in rain or shine. Here are right wedding outfits you can wear to suit all types of weather.

1: Floor Sweeping Gowns

Weddings are one of the few occasions where you will get to dress up and feel elegant doing so. One of the classic wedding outfits, a floor sweeping gown will make you feel like a princess. What’s great about this outfit is that you can wear it for a summer or winter wedding.


2: Embroidered Dresses

Wedding outfits like embroidered dresses are perfect for winter weddings, as they are warmer than frock dresses; this is because embroidered dresses usually have more than one layer. Embroidered dresses usually have a floral pattern, which is fantastic for brightening up a cold winter’s day!

3: Skirt And Top

If you wanted a more casual, but by no means less dressy look, then wedding outfits like a skirt and top combination are a great idea. What’s great about this outfit is that it is versatile: you can wear a floral skirt paired with a light and summery blouse or camisole for a summer wedding, or a pleated midi skirt with a black sweater top if you were going to a winter wedding. This outfit is also great for autumnal weddings, where the weather is not too hot, but not too cold.


4: Pantsuits/Jumpsuits

Wedding outfits like pantsuits and jumpsuits are a funkier alternative to dresses and a top and skirt, but can still be dressy for a wedding. If you’re going to a summer wedding, look for pastel or pale colours and pair it with a bold coloured blouse. Likewise, if you’re going to a winter wedding, wear a velvet jumpsuit, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a velvet tuxedo blazer paired with cropped pants.


5: Velvet And Fur

If you want to look and feel glamorous, but still feel warm, then velvet and fur is the wedding outfit for you. Perfect for weddings that are in the colder months, you can wear a velvet dress paired with a faux fur coat, or if you’re feeling chic, a fur wrap. Once you’re wearing this wedding outfit, you’ll feel like you’re walking on the red carpet.

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6: Midi Dress

Wedding outfits like midi dresses are also another great idea, because the in-between length is perfect for those transitional months, making it an ideal wedding outfit for autumnal weddings. Since autumn colours tend to be muted, you can add some colour to your outfit by wearing a statement necklace or a bright shade of lipstick.

7: Casual Dress

When you’re invited to a casual wedding, pretty much anything goes in terms of your wedding outfit. However, jeans are still a no-no. Wedding outfits such as a knit dress for a winter wedding or a shirt dress for a summer wedding are perfect, because even though they are more casual than a floor sweeping gown, you will still look stylish in them.


8: Lace Dress

Wedding outfits like lace dresses are another fantastic idea, because the softness of the lace makes it perfect for a spring wedding, while the simplicity of the lace design matches well with the rustic and laidback atmosphere of a country wedding. Lace dresses can also be worn if you’re going to an autumnal wedding. When you wear a lace dress, you’ll feel pretty and feminine.

Do you know of any wedding outfits that you can wear all year round? Tell us in the comments below!

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