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15 Wedding Outfits For Teenage Guests That Don’t Know What To Wear

15 Wedding Outfits For Teenage Guests That Don’t Know What To Wear

Wedding outfits for teenage guests don't have to be hard to find. Take a look at these dresses and suits fit for any dressy occasion.

Most of us know how frustrating it can be to decide what to wear to a wedding, with it being a special occasion where we want to look and feel our best. Then comes the fear of not finding the right size for or not knowing where to shop for the perfect outfit. It can be even more frustrating if we are buying for a teenager and where to look for the appropriate outfit. That’s why we have collected fifteen wedding outfits for teenage guests that look smart and are perfect options to rock that next special occasion!

1. Sidelines Grey Embroidery Shift Dress

If you are looking for a lighter shade of colour to wear at a wedding, then this grey embroidery shift dress is a perfect wedding outfit for a teenage guest. Who said that grey has to be a bland colour? This dress uses subtle stitched flowers while also being a lighter tone of grey to look elegant.


2. Soft Mesh Halter Bridesmaid Dress with Slim Sash

If you are looking for a particular dress that is available in different block colours to choose from to fit the theme of a special occasion, then this soft mesh halter bridesmaid dress with silm sash is the perfect outfit option for a wedding outfit for a teenage guest. Being hemmed at the waist, the dress appears in two parts making it look very feminine and smart. This is one of the comfy wedding outfits for teenage guests!

3. Long Sequin Blouson Dress

Just because all eyes are on the bride at the wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t shine either. This affordable long sequin blouson dress in navy is the perfect wedding outfit for teenage guests as it is long and brings a lot of shimmer making it graceful and cultivated for the younger generation.


4. Kayla Wine Skater Dress

When teenagers are looking for wedding outfits to buy, they usually want something that fits their size and makes them look more grown up. The perfect dress to achieve that is this Kayla Wine skater dress which is comprised of burgundy with a v-line and unique pattern with a comfortable texture. This makes a great outfit to get the family members talking about how grown up you look since they last saw you.

5. Floral Skater Dress

Not all wedding outfits for teenagers have to look formal. Depending on the wedding, a more smart-casual approach may be necessary to fit the theme. This floral skater dress is perfect for that special occasion that relies on colour and can be accessorised smart, especially during the summer months. The dress is also affordable as well as shying away from using plain white which traditionally only the bride wears.


6. Wedding Flower Sleeveless Long Dress for Teenage Girl 5-14 Years

We all know how frustrating it can be to find an outfit for child or a teenager as clothing sizes are always changing through growth. It’s difficult to find clothing lines that offer a range of sizes, especially if they tend to go out of stock on the things we want. This sleeveless long dress is suitable for teenage girls with sizes ranging from 5-14 years and is a beautiful dress to wear to that special occasion!


7. Girls Mint Floral Dress

This pastel mint floral dress is available in various sizes for young girls and is tailored for comfort. This dress is perfect for that wedding that’s during the summer and is a great wear for teen guests who can’t decide what to wear to your next wedding celebration.


8. Boys Navy Wedding Suit

You may think that it is frustrating to buy a smart outfit for a teenage guy, but there are a variety of brands out there to tailor to your frustration. Not all boys outfits have to be black either, navy and royal blue are an increasingly popular colour to wear at a wedding as it is smart and brings something different to the occasion. This set isn’t all expensive either, this navy wedding suit is affordably dapper!

9. Boys Light Grey Tweed Suit

Grey is considered to be one of the less worn colours for teenage guys with black and navy being more popular options, but that doesn’t mean grey has to be bland and not be an option. If you’re looking for something a bit different, these boys light grey tweed suits can be accessorised affordably and comfortably using a white shirt and grey overall with a choice of coloured tie, to add more edge to an outfit for the next special occasion.


10. Boys Burgandy Velvet Page Boy Outfit

Another unique and individualised option when it comes to choosing a wedding outfit for a teen guy is with the use of burgundy. By using black, white and brown, the colour burgandy can be coordinated perfectly to create an wedding outfit that is smart.

11. Baby Pink & Grey Page Boy Suit

There’s no doubt that salmon and pink are becoming more of a trend when it comes to guy wedding outfits. The use of a white shirt with a pink waistcoat is becoming a popular look due to it being an individualised coordination as well as stylish.

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12. Boys Silver & Grey Page Boy Suit

Metallic silver has no doubt be dominating the fashion industry, especially in the last few years. If you are looking for more of a futuristic look as an idea for a teen guy wedding guest, then this silver suit set is the perfect look coordinated with grey pants. This is a subtle neutral option for wedding outfits for teenage guests!


13. Baby Blue & Black Page Boy Suit

If you’re searching for a lighter shade of blue away from the traditional use of navy as a wedding outfit idea, then this comfortable and stylish baby blue suit set is perfect to wear any time of the year for that special occasion.

14. Boys Gold Waistcoat Suit

As well as silver, gold is dominating the fashion industry and what fabrics gold can be used with. Crossing over a metallic shimmer with a plain white shirt gives a smart look an edgier appearance to stand out, as well as having a style that’s original. This is a great choice for wedding outfits for teenage guests!



15. Boys Waistcoat Suit with Navy Trousers

When we think of wearing navy, we traditionally wear black trousers to pull off the final wedding outfit. However, using a navy waistcoat with a white shirt, you can easily match them with navy trousers allowing you to remain coordinated and to look a little different when arriving at that special somebody’s special occasion.


We hope that these wedding outfits for teenage guests help you when searching for new ideas for that special occasion. Let us know which ones are your favourites!

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