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10 Wedding Hijab Styles That Are Stunning

10 Wedding Hijab Styles That Are Stunning

In each different culture, there is a different common look for the bride at weddings. Wedding Hijab styles are no different in the Muslim culture. Ranging from embroidered to sequined to different variations of hues, the wedding Hijab is a major statement for the brides look.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of huge weddings and all that they entail, however, being a hopeless romantic and a lover of culture, that most certainly does not stop me from indulging my curiosity. From flicking through images on Pinterest and getting a glimpse of what is worn in various weddings across the globe, to watching intriguing documentaries that showcase how wedding ceremonies from certain cultural backgrounds are carried out, and the links that they bear to history, heritage and tradition, you could say I love the different wedding styles. Despite it not having been a thing of the past, it is, at present, becoming increasingly more popular to wear the Islamic headdress – the Hijab – at weddings, especially with the advent of social media; and I must say, it definitely looks beautiful and adds that extra touch of angelic enigma. Here are 10 wedding Hijab styles that are absolutely stunning!

1) Silver & Simple

A very simple, comfortable wedding hijab style that is ideal for the hot, wedding season. The silver headscarf matches perfectly with the gorgeous half-embellished dress, and the almost casual wrap makes it look so effortlessly glam!

2) Vintage Burnous

This is one of the most stunning wedding hijab styles I’ve had the privilege of setting my eyes on today! It isn’t white, but a marvellous shade of dusky beige-pink, and despite the actual dress being extremely simple, it still manages to display a particular regal appearance thanks to the beautiful Arab Burnous-inspired cloak that drapes over it. I’m in love with this look!


3) Simply Bride & Bridesmaid

I think I’m cheating here, since we are looking at two different looks, not just one (hehe). But these two look beyond cute! Their wedding hijab styles are very sophisticated but modern; and dusky, lavender pink lace certainly never fails to impress when it comes to bridesmaid wear! The bride’s dress on the other hand exudes an aura of class and femininity, and I’m especially in love with the embellishment on the top half and the silk fabric on the bottom half – stunning!

4) Fairy Tale Princess

Cinderella is what came to mind when I first came across this stunning wedding hijab style. It’s so gorgeous and over-the-top, and is the epitome of every girl’s dream fairy tale wedding dress!

5) Ring o’ Ring o’ Roses

Asides from the amazing makeup look on that face 😮 nothing caught my eye as much as the pretty headpiece of vintage roses. The colours blend so beautifully together and with the dress; and I love that matching deep, dark crimson veil that hangs from the back – one of the most stunning wedding hijab styles!


6) Satin Ivory Glamour

I would imagine that quite a few of us might not be too keen on the super white colour of traditional wedding dresses. Of course, the idea might be down to skin tone, undertone and just personal preference. I personally love both white and off-white shades, and this ivory wedding hijab style is beyond stunning! I’m especially fond of the silk or satin fabric that was used to create this look, as it adds a touch of extra glamour and femininity.

7) Angel in the Garden

When I think of wedding hijab styles that are stunning and represent a utopian ideal of elegance and beauty, my mind immediately envisions something like this; the ridiculously long, embroidered flowing veil, the dreamy embellished fit-and-flare wedding gown and the perfect bouquet of cream, bridal roses – absolute perfection.

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8) Medieval Queen

Let us please take a minute to enjoy this breathtakingly stunning wedding hijab style! Seriously, how gorgeous is it?! From the white and mint-green roses headpiece and bouquet, to the gorgeous cream cape and matching dress. No embroidery, no embellishment, no jewellery that I can see, no over-the-top makeup – and yet she still looks arrestingly beautiful! Being the person that I am, I could not help but think “Medieval Queen” from those fairy tales we’ve all had read to us, about castles and knights and dragons (maybe the old stone setting and brick wall in the background also had a lot to do with that little snippet of my weird imagination!)

9) Crimson Beauty

When it comes to stunning wedding hijab styles, some of my favourite looks come from Pakistan and India. Their extravagant wedding attire, and their makeup looks and jewellery simply take your breath away. South Asian brides, like in many other cultures, usually opt for more than just the traditional white or ivory, and this outfit right here speaks volumes about the marvellously bright colour choices! I love the matching bouquet and the intricate diamante and pearl embellishment on that dress, and that diamond headpiece reminds me of something out of a classic Bollywood movie – mesmerisingly beautiful.

10) Chedda de Tlemcen

The rule of leaving the best till last is definitely taking place here! I am obsessed with the colour green, particularly olive, mint and emerald shades. This wedding dress isn’t exactly ‘hijab’ but it can most definitely pass as one! Originating from the historic city of Tlemcen in Algeria, the Chedda is worn by the bride on her wedding day, and it consists of many layers (if you can’t already tell!) and a stunning headpiece, also comprising of a few layers! The dress is adorned with (more layers) of pearls and gold, and traditional amulets that were once believed to ward of evil spirits. The Chedda of Tlemcen is one of the most extravagant and historic traditional wedding dresses, and is a product of several ancient Mediterranean civilisations.


Which of the above wedding Hijab styles did you love most? Let us know in the comments below!

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