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20 Ways You Should Be Rocking Crushed Velvet Fabric

Right now, it appears crushed velvet fabric is everywhere you look. Whether it’s shoes, dresses or cute coats, it’s a must have material. Crushed velvet is interchangeable as it can be bright and bold or dark and mysterious, either way here’s 20 ideas to get your started!

1. The skater dress look

Skater dresses are ever so popular these days, and what better way to wear a crushed velvet look than as a skater dress. A deep red is a particularly flattering shade as this can be accessorised with dark boots and a somber red lipstick. A simple but sexy look for anyone.

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2.  Tracksuit trending

Who would have believed that a tracksuit could look so amazing! Lovers of crushed velvet fabric should fear no more, because this outfit would suit you down to a T.  Time to set those mirror selfies out to show off that rocking look.

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3. Jacket Jiving

The weather getting you down? Always having to carry a jacket to keep out of the cold? Well now you can look good and stay warm with this beauty. This crushed velvet fabric jacket is guaranteed to go well with any look on those cold days ahead.

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4. Bright and Beautiful

Looking for an outfit for the party season? Well a well fitted crop top and skirt can be the exact outfit you may bee looking for. This look rocks on its own as it’s simple and bold, only for the brave if you dare!

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5. Body building

A crushed velvet fabric bodysuit you say? Seems a bit far fetched, but is actual a sweet look. This body suit can be great for prancing around the hoe or to accessorise and match with either leggings or a cute skirt, making your outfit all the more fab.

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6. Crushing the creepers

Crushed velvet fabric creepers? You heard that right! Clothes are all the rage but what about accessorising shoes with this material? Well, now you can and these amazing beauties will keep your feet warm in the winter, or comfy for those causal days out.

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7. Platforming for pleasure

Crushed velvet platform boots? Yes please!  These knee high boots are perfect if you are obsessed with not only looking great but, having crushed velvet fabric in everything you own. Time to get online and buy these beauties as they are more popular than ever.

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8. Snuggly slippers

Its cold outside and it becoming that time of year where you would rather be indoors, snug and warm with a cup of tea. Well now you can with these cosy as well as comfy crushed velvet slippers. Cute and great for chilling with, its time to out those hungry ankle killing heels away for a night.

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9.  Feeling sexy in shorts

Shorts are great for relaxing in bed or around your home on those cold outdoor days. Add a bit of crushed velvet material and ‘boom’ perfect outfit made. The soft fabric also makes them snug and warm, but looking fabulous at the same time – win win situation.

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10. Bodycon bopping

A wrap body con dress is perfect for bopping on the dance floor on a night out, whilst showing off all your curves. Additionally, a wrap body con gives your outfit some edge and is a popular choice for many women this season.  The hardest decision will be ‘what colour?’.

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11. Living the high heel life

Heels may be killer but they aren’t without their amazing looks. Why chose your standard boring heel when you can choose crushed velvet heels instead? Not only do they look amazing but they really bring out your whole outfit so you don’t even have to dress smart, dress any way you want and they are guaranteed to match.

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12. Heavy on the headband

Headbands are something that should be more popular with the colder seasons, and in general as they just look absolutely amazing. Well, now you can add this accessory with some crushed velvet and feel warm but also look phenomenal.  So bring some colour back into your life with this great accessory.

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13. Purse popping

Want ideas for a new purse? Well look no further there are plenty of amazing crushed velvet purses to add to your everyday looks.  The fabric feels amazing and it will definitely stand out from the crowd. Just be careful not to get it wet though, good looks cant come without consequences.

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14. Leggings are a paradise

Leggings are everyone’s favourite these days, however, the colour black does become a bit boring after a while, but worry no more as you can upstage this look and feel amazing at the same time! These velvet beauties are perfect for any causal outing or chill day with friends. So, it’s time to put those black leggings away and accessorise for a while!

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15. Kimono madness

Crushed velvet kimono should be on every girls wishlist! Its the perfect piece to complete any outfit whilst looking cute at the same time. Something that drapes around your hip level is perfect as it’s not too short or too long.  Watch yourself sparkle in this must-have outfit piece.

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16. Sensational scarf season

Crushed velvet has no limitations, especially when it comes to scarves as they feel amazing, and look sensational. So why not accessorise during the winter months with one of these delights! You’ll thank yourself for this bold fashion choice.

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17. The prime of the puma bridesmaid

With everyone getting married these days and you struggling to find a date, look no further than the best outfit of them all. This crushed velvet bridesmaid inspired outfit is perfect to show off  while still looking a part of the crowd. Be glam in your own element.

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18. Mini madness

A minidress hides a multitude of sins and suggests a million others. So why not accessorise this look with a beautiful and elegant shawl and bring out your inner primate.

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19. Bouncing to the beat

Crushed velvet can be worn anyway you want, you are the boss. This look suits those with an artistic vibe who want a simplistic style, while also appearing bold and vibrant. These dungaree dress types are here to save the day.

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20. The blouse that wins all

A crushed velvet blouse? Yes where can I buy this? This is an item that should be inside every woman’s wardrobe to style up her looks!

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20 styles of crushed velvet fabric you’ll be dying to try, thank those who give attention to these fine details. Leave a comment below if you like the styles!

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Louise Bridges

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