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8 Ways You Can Make Your University Bedding Look Unique

8 Ways You Can Make Your University Bedding Look Unique

Your university bedding doesn't have to be boring - with these accessories, your room will be cosy in no time. Here are some ideas!

While it may be one of the last things on your mind when you’re moving in, university bedding is important in making your bedroom your own. You might think that there’s not much you can do to make it look unique, but you’d be surprised – you can use the simplest of things to spice up your bed and make your room generally cosier. Here are a few examples!

1. Cushions

Cushions are some of the most simple but effective things you can use to make your bed unique. There are lots of different varieties out there – whether you want something girly involving sequins, a motivational quote to wake up to, or something soft and fluffy for you to lean your head on, throwing a few cushions on your bed will have a big impact immediately. Three seems like the magic number, so just make sure you don’t get too carried away – if you somehow get to ten cushions, you might have to think about which ones you want to keep if you actually want somewhere to sleep.

2. Throws

This is another great way of decorating your university bedding – all you have to do is fold it neatly at the bottom of your bed. This is definitely one which is more aesthetically pleasing rather than practical, but it might be worth it if you just want to add a splash of colour or pattern to your bedding.


3. Fairy Lights

While I’m obviously not implying that you should put fairy lights on your bed, hanging them around your bed will give your room that extra magical feeling. Perfect for if you’re the sort of person who likes to read in bed, you can ditch the boring bedside lamp and have even nicer lights handy within just an arm’s length.

4. Bath Mats

This might sound ridiculous, but you can actually sew bath mats to make them look nice on your university bedding. This will obviously be a bit more time-consuming than just buying a cushion, but if you’re willing to put the effort in and don’t want to spend too much money it certainly acts as a great DIY option.

5. Headboard

Headboards seem to be like marmite to me – you either love them or hate them. While I’ve never had one myself, they do certainly make a bed seem fit for a royal. You may have to ask permission from your landlord to add something like this to your university bedding, but if it’s something you’re used to having it’s surely worth a shot.

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6. Cozy Canopy

It’s all in the name – this would definitely make a cozy addition to your bedroom. You may think that it’s the sort of thing a child should have rather than a student, it’s perfectly fine if you want to be a child at heart and make your own little hideaway. No-one will judge you – if anything, they’ll be jealous and take a leaf out of your book.

7. Curtains

Similarly to a canopy, bed curtains can actually be used to spice up your bedding. They’re the perfect way of creating a sense of ambience, so you’re guaranteed to always feel like you’re on holiday in the Maldives when you enter your uni room. Who needs to do work anyway?


8. Blanket

A blanket provides the perfect finishing touch to university bedding, as well as an extra layer of warmth for when you’re feeling especially cold. Available in all sorts of colours and patterns, you can buy blankets at very reasonable prices in many different shops.

How did you make your university bedding look unique? Let us know in the comments below!

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