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10 Ways Travelling Makes You Smarter

10 Ways Travelling Makes You Smarter

Travelling is amazing and so fun, and you learn many things in the process, so here are the 10 ways that travelling makes you smarter.

Almost all of us will travel or know someone who travels at some point in our lives, whether for months, days or just a week or two.  And we will all learn something from it, whether because of the good or the bad.  With that being said, here are 10 ways travelling makes you smarter.

1. You learn how to get travel-savvy

Airports, train stations, rickshaws, and car hires.  There are many ways to get you to spend more money or ways that aren’t safe (like un-licensed cabs).  The websites for travel comparisons are a godsend to any traveller.  You also learn which snacks you love to eat in an airport and to always take an empty water bottle through to fill up so you don’t have to buy loads of expensive airport food.

10 Ways Travelling Makes You Smarter


2. You learn to protect your things

Always keep some money in your shoe and don’t take your eyes off your bags.  Unfortunately, most people learn this after seeing their things go missing or being mugged, but try to learn that one before the worst happens.

3. You learn to enjoy your own company

You will spend a lot of time by yourself, so you learn how to keep yourself entertained and do a lot of introspection.  You need to be able to sit with yourself and listen to your thoughts.

4. You learn your patience threshold

You will spend a lot of time hanging around, for planes, buses and people.  Learning how much waiting you can stand will be great for planning your trips and how budget/unreliable you want to go.


5. You learn how to sleep anywhere

Uncomfy beds, airport floors and jolty buses.  There really is nothing more to say except that when you get jetlagged and exhausted, you will sleep like a baby.  You’ll also become the expert of staying awake for hours and hours when you need to.

10 Ways Travelling Makes You Smarter

6. You learn how to spot a good deal

Don’t be conned for things that you can get for a fraction of the price if you know where to actually look.  Food, drinks and pretty much everything else you can be overcharged for it you look in the wrong places.


7. You learn how to not get food poisoning

Don’t order fish if you don’t think the restaurant is very clean and pick where you each wisely.  There is nothing worse than having a runny tummy in a country you don’t know.


8. You learn how to pack all your belongings in a cabin bag

Because who wants to pay for hold luggage?  Roll you clothes and vacuum pack everything and you’re just about there.  Also, you learn how to clean clothes on the go and that you don’t necessarily need a new outfit every single day.

9. You learn how to make friends

Stuck in a country with no-one from home, you do need to talk to some people sometimes, especially other travellers who know what you’re doing.  The friends you make while travelling can be amongst the best you have in your life.

10 Ways Travelling Makes You Smarter


10. You learn how much you love your family and friends back home

When you’re away for months and months you realise what you’re missing you appreciate the people who are in your life just that little bit more.  Those people who come to the airport to greet you when you come back are the people that will be there for life.

Did you learn anything when you went travelling, and do you agree with my points about what you learn when you go travelling?  Let us know down below?

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