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8 Ways To Wear Your Denim You’re Gonna Love

Denim is a great style for both staying comfortable or going out to town. Sometimes, it might be difficult to style. Denim might be perceived as old or ‘done.’ Take a look at these eight styles to see how you can wear your denim this week.

1. Skirts

Tired of fabrics like velvet? Denim has you covered! You can choose from a range of colours, including blue, white and black, to draw attention from your friends and peers. Denim skirts are incredibly versatile: they can be paired with shirts, jumpers or long-sleeved tops. You might even want to wear a pair of sheer tights and boots to create a more wintry look! These skirts will look amazing while keeping you comfortable.

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2. Patterned Shorts

Do you find denim boring? Take a look at these patterned shorts! Striped or spotted, you can show off your denim in a more light and fun way! Try to pair these shorts with monochrome tees to keep things looking casual. Add a pair of sneakers and you’re ready to begin your day!

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3. Cropped Jacket

These jackets add a little edge to your style. Cutting off at around your midriff, they’re perfect for wearing on a sunny spring day. So, if you’re looking for a denim style that’s a little more casual, this cropped jacket is perfect for you!

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4. Embellished Jacket

If you like festival fashion and want to integrate it into you every-day outfits, try out this embellished jacket! You can choose to wear a perfectly fitted jacket here, or venture out and purchase one that is oversized. Laden with different textures, patterns and colours, this style will brighten up your life—and your denim.

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5. Shirt Dress

Not too sure how to style your old denim? Looking for something a little new? This shirt dress is super cute and will match any pair of shoes you have stored in your cupboard. You can shop all different colours, though we recommend blue and black for a classic denim look! Wear this dress with your best pair of earrings to feel comfortable and stylish!

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6. Double Denim

You’ve probably been warned against wearing double denim. Don’t follow this rule! Wearing double denim is a great way to express yourself and to experiment with style. Try to change it up a little by wearing patterned denim! Think checkered and snakeskin. Try this out with skirts, jeans and jackets. Give it a go and love it!

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7. Dungaree Dress

If you liked the shirt dress but wasn’t sure whether or not you could pull it off, then this dungaree dress is the one for you! Here, you can stay comfy with darker colours or experiment with lighter, pastel shades. Couple this dress with a cute jumper or casual tee to complete the look!

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8. Distressed Jeans

Finally, if you love denim, then you probably live in your jeans! Almost everyone has a pair of faded blue jeans tucked away in their closets. We can do so much more with this style, though! Try out different colours. Try on ripped and distressed jeans to show a little more skin and feel super confident when you go out into town! The best thing about wearing jeans is that, depending on how you style them, they can be suitable for casual or dressy events! Here, you can really do no wrong.

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Did you fall in love with any of these denim styles? Let us know in the comments below!

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