15 Ways To Wear An Oversized Knit Cardigan This Spring

Let’s face it — spring weather in the UK is pretty temperamental. That’s why an oversized knit cardigan is an essential transitional piece for your wardrobe. There’s nothing better than wearing a cute spring outfit and layering a big, snuggly piece of knitwear over the top on drizzly days! Here are 15 ways to wear an oversized knit cardigan.

1) White Tee

With a crisp white T-shirt and tailored trousers, this long cardigan looks polished!

2) Delicate Camisole

Team an oversized knit cardigan with a delicate camisole and high-quality accessories for effortless glam.

3) Minimal Wardrobe

A stylishly cut oversized knit cardigan can be the perfect addition to a minimal wardrobe.

4) Boho-Chic

Accessorise a grandpa cardi with boots and a wide-brimmed hat for a boho-chic look.

5) Crop Top

Use an oversized knit cardigan to pull together a midriff-baring outfit, like this crop top and shorts combo.

6) Silky Blouse

A sleek and silky longline cardigan can look so classy.

7) Maxi Dress

Play with layers — try wearing an oversized cardigan over a maxi dress.

8) Feminine Vibe

Crochet-style cardigans retain their delicate, feminine vibe despite being oversized!

9) Summer Mix

Wear an oversized knit cardigan over your light summer outfits to make them transitional.

10) Slogan Tee

Combine a big chunky cardigan with a slogan tee.

See Also

11) Button and Knot

Button your cardigan and knot it at the waist to create a whole new look.

12) Solo Cardigan

Give your tops a rest and wear your oversized cardie instead!

13) Flared Trousers

Style longline cardigans over flared trousers for a dramatic look.

14) Tailored Shirt

Wear your oversized knit cardigan over tailored shirts and accessorise — cute and preppy!

15) Neutral Feels

Keep the rest of your outfit neutral and let a statement oversized cardigan take the lead.

How do you style your oversized knit cardigan? Let us know in the comments below!

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