15 Ways To Wear A Tulle Skirt

A Tulle skirt is a beautiful statement piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It can be styled and worn in many different ways, check it out!

Tulle skirts, to me, have always been associated with ballerinas or the opening credits from Sex and the City. They are beautiful statement skirts, which I feel that every woman should have in her wardrobe; and can be styled and worn in many different ways, depending upon the event. Accessories are the key here, and the whole dynamic of the skirt can be changed depending upon what you’re wearing it with.  So here are 15 ways to wear a tulle skirt.

1. With An Off-Shoulder Top

The off-shoulder top has been the staple of this season, so why not incorporate this great trend when wearing your tulle? This pairing creates a sleek and chic effect, great for any city girl, looking to spend a day shopping with friends or going out to eat with her partner.

2. With Some Heels

A great look with any tulle skirt; style it with your preferred pair of high heels. This Carrie Bradshaw worthy look will give you a romantic and stylish vibe, which will work great for any formal event you wish to attend.


3. With Some Flats

One the other hand, flats also look great with a tulle skirt. This winning combination looks great for a casual day out with your favourite girlfriends, and gives the overall look a different dynamic than wearing the skirt with heels, without sacrificing style.

4. With A Leather Jacket

Want to add a bit of edge to your tulle skirt outfit? Then try wearing it with a leather jacket. This combination gives a great mix of rocker chick and girly girl, perfect for attending your favourite club or bar.

5. With Some Animal Print

Animal prints work well with a tulle skirt to offer some edge to the finished look in a subtle way. The combination of the feminine skirt style with the animal print creates a great nighttime look, perfect for any local bar.


6. With A Shirt

Who says tulle skirts can’t be worn to the office? Pairing your favourite tulle skirt with a sleek blouse or shirt gives a great formal look, which is perfect for work wear, while also being incredibly stylish.

7. With A Belt

As tulle skirts usually sit at waist height, wearing this clothing piece with a belt is a winning combination. Wear with something smaller and subtler for a day look, or something statement and glitzy for a night look- perfect for any occasion.

8. With A Pattern

As a tulle skirt tends to only have one block colour, why not pair it with a pattern to give your look a twist? A great overall look, incorporating your inner fashionista, while maintaining a cool edge, perfect for a summer party with friends.


9. With A Crop Top

Another way to wear your favourite tulle skirt with a current trend; wear it with a crop top or bralette. Another great way to add some edge to your outfit; this bold look works best for a night out or a festival, and will make a great statement look.

10. With A Denim Jacket

Want to wear your tulle skirt, but need to dress it down for a casual event? Try it with a denim jacket. This fashion forward, but street style worthy look is perfect for concerts or BBQ’s, and combines a casual but feminine look.

11. With Some Lace

If you want something with a romantic feel, wear your tulle skirt with a delicate lace top. This combination works well for parties or family events, and will give your outfit a beautiful and elegant finish.

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12. With Some Knee-High Boots

Love wearing your tulle skirt, but worried that it’s only a summer worthy look? Style it with a pair of your favourite knee high boots.  This edgy look is perfect, as we draw towards winter and will keep you looking stylish but warm; perfect for any day out with friends browsing winter markets.

13. With A Jumper

Another way to wear your tulle skirt as winter approaches, is styled with a comfortable and fashionable jumper. This is a great way to wear your tulle year-round, and works well for both casual and even business settings.


14. With A Slogan T

Slogan T’s have made a huge comeback into our wardrobes, and look great when worn together with a tulle skirt. This works well for an everyday look; this is something you can wear to meet up for coffee with friends or to grab a bite to eat with your partner.

15. With Some Bright Colours

For the bolder amongst us, why not try your tulle skirt with some bright colours. This can work well paired with the tulle or on the tulle itself. This is a great way to wear your skirt and works for most occasions.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match these ways to wear your tulle skirt, as combining them can create great outfits perfect for any event, or occasion, year-round. Let me know how you’re going to wear your tulle skirt in the comment section below!
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